Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Other Things

God bless those poor people in Japan....and New Zealand.  I know I'm a little late on the New Zealand thing but I'm sure all is not back to normal.
Isn't it creepy to think how fast something like that can happen?  Without warning?
I'm one of those people who likes things to stay the same and familiar.  That makes events like this twice as scary for me.  You can't  anticipate a natural disaster like that and it might effect you directly or just the people in the next town or even the next street.
Hopefully, in times like this we all behave at our best.  Not counting looters.  Although, in Japan today it didn't look like anyone had any time for looting.  They were too busy running for their lives.
We focus a lot on bad behaviors.  On the news, they talk about bullying and terrorism and despots.  People generally treat one another pretty poorly if you listen to them.  So it cheered me to see that the whole world's attention was grabbed by a video of a baby who laughed its head off over his dad tearing up paper.  The kid even made it on television.
I was glad to know that the best of us still attracted as much attention as the worst of us.  They should run it on Jumbotrons in Japan in a few days to help people smile--at least a little.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Some Free Advice

Mike Huckabee, why don't you spend your time thinking of ways to create jobs rather than take potshots at Natalie Portman and her unborn child?  What she chooses to do is none of your business.  You're a politician--help fix the economy, lower taxes, fix Social Security.  That should really  keep you too busy to do sound bites about celebrities.
Rush Limbaugh, leave Mrs. Obama alone.  She isn't fat.  She is encouraging people(especially the young) to live a healthy lifestyle.  You are no slim pickin's yourself.  Don't talk about someone who probably weighs less than you do. Oh yes, and if she eats something she "shouldn't" every once in a's none of your business...or mine, for that matter.
You people in the crowd that verbally attacked some citizens who might or might not be Muslims.  Did you ever hear of freedom of religion?  It's why the Pilgrims came here in the first place.  Oh, I know you have a right to express your views because of freedom of speech but to families and children, I mean, little children.  What is the matter with you?  Freedom of speech doesn't mean you have the right to verbally assault someone until they are frightened.  Stay home and tend to your own children.
You people who picket soldier's funerals.  Did you ever hear of kindness?  How about respect?  How about mind your own business?  I know the Supreme Court supported you.  They are wrong.  Do you remember how you felt when someone close to you died?  These kids die horrible deaths for the likes of you and me.
Oh, yes and did you ever hear that God is Love????  Not just love for you but for everyone.  I learned that in Sunday School when I was five years old.  Stay home and read up on God's love.
If any of you aforementioned folks read this blog, I know advice is cheap and you will never take mine because I'm a nobody. But really, it's time to stop all this and look into yourselves and try and find peace of mind so that you and your neighbors or your First Lady or your movie stars can too.