Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Exploding Brain

I used to tell my kids that I had too much imput and had to have some solitude.  It didn't happen often, the solitude, I mean but the overloaded brain happens to me a lot.
Right now, many things in my life are changing. None of them are bad.  Actually, they are all wonderful.  But they are all happening at the same time and my poor old brain just can't keep up.
So some things have slid, like writing this blog.  I know I never have a lot to say and it is hardly ever anything deep or meaningful but it is a good outlet and keeps me busy.
My other blog, Read Around Sue, can't go by the wayside.  I have made commitments to too many authors.
I have lists galore.  One is for things I need to buy.  One is for things that need to be done around the house.  One is for errands. One is for dinners.  One is for dates I have to keep.  The lists are scattered around the house...strategically placed (I hope) to remind me of all that is to be done.
They always say that the brain is like a computer.  Well, mine needs an update!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Just Stuff

This is Jacques Pepin.  He is a famous chef.  This is how I remember him.  Today he was on Rachael Ray's show.  This is him now.
You know time really does fly.  I hardly even recognized him.  That's what happens when you don't keep up with your famous chefs.

I was never a girl scout.  I was a Blue Bird.  Not that it matters but in Blue Birds they didn't make you sell cookies.  I guess the matter has gotten a bit out of hand and the girls are asked to sell so many boxes some of them go to extreme lengths to sell them.  One scout had the bright idea to sell cookies outside a Medical Marijuana building.  The kid sold out in 45 minutes.
And we all know why!!!
How did James Spader go from this
to this
and I don't mean because he's older!
Actually if I put a picture of myself in my youth and a picture of me today, I'd probably look that much different too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reality Check

Well, this guy is a drinker.  He is from my soap opera and as much as he tries)and it's not much) he always returns to the bottle.  On the night of the drink above he went on to drink himself into oblivion, took a gun and killed a woman.  Then he had no memory of doing so.  I think that's called a blackout.
Well, he got out of it because there was lack of evidence but he is still torn with guilt because he's pretty sure he did it.  If only he could remember.  So what does this guy do?  He starts carrying a flask and walks around a little drunk all the time.
But now there's been a miracle.  He is starting to remember.  The drunker he gets, the more clear it becomes.  Apparently if you swill enough vodka, your memory returns.
What has that to do with me?  Well, I am having my own reality check today.  I started painting one of the bedrooms upstairs and after I cut in, I started to roll.  I was on my knees, climbed a stepladder, rolled that roller up and down for an hour and a half. I AM EXHAUSTED.  The room is nowhere near to done.  I, however, am a big, fat, sweaty, sweaty, MESS!!
So I am taking a break.  Perhaps I should imbibe a little vodka.....seems to work for that soap opera guy!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Kia Twins

Well, you know I always get excited when I see a Kia just like my little Alien. I see one almost every day or so it seems.  I have to push down the urge to wave to them like I am six.
Today I saw a Kia Soul just like mine as I entered the freeway.  It was way back but it caught up to me.  I was going to wave a little hello just for the heck of it but I chickened out.  Thank goodness I did because on the back window there was a sticker......of a SKULL!!!!!!!!  OMG! A Badass Soul.  Never thought I'd see the day.
Remember when they tried to make the little Kia Hamsters look like they lived in the hood? They were supposed to be badass.  Didn't really work for a car that little old ladies are driving around my town in.  In case you don't here they are
Then they tried to doll them up.  Little old ladies are still flocking to buy Souls.  I don't think that is the crowd they were trying to lure with these guys
Now really don't they look like the Cary Grants of hamsterdom?  I'm sure they were hoping some young women would be tempted by the Soul from this ad but in my neck of the woods, little old ladies are still the biggest Kia Soul fans!
If Kia ever figures that out be prepared to see Grandpa Hamsters in their rocking chairs but they'll jump at the chance to get into a Soul. Why should they?  Just think of the "chicks" they could meet!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Just Sayin'

I just wanted you to know that I have been carrying around this bottle of Grey Poupon for the last twenty minutes.  Why, you ask???

No particular reason.  I just keep forgetting to put it in the pantry.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Birthday, SON!

My boy is all grown up now.  He is 34 tomorrow. I can't believe this much time has passed. It seems like yesterday that he was so into ET and couldn't get enough of this toy.
He was a funny little guy...SON, not ET.  He could imitate those big lumbering animals from Dark Crystal.  He'd come over to me all bent over and slowly moving and say Dark Crystal, Mommy!
The one on the right not the cute little elf thing.
He used to love to wear my boots.  He'd come into the kitchen all smiles and smashing those poor boots  so they were all wrinkly around the ankles.   He was a funny sight to see!
He loved Star Wars and I think it's safe to say he still does.  He even had The Empire Strikes Back sheets and bedspread...and a light saber.
When he was a young teen he got interested in on line role playing games so we didn't see much of him for a while.  He just stayed up in that room plugging away at the game. 
He eventually got off to college and got a job as a night security checker for the University.  A job I never thought he would want.  He thought he wanted to be a teacher but became a computer analyst instead....with our blessing.  We knew how much money teachers made thanks to my career.
He got a job at Cleveland Clinic hospital and we felt so proud even though his salary was larger than mine or DH's !
Now he's a man.  He has a lovely girlfriend, his own house and he still loves Star Wars, Star Trek and now, Dr. Who.  Recognize him up there?  Dr. Who, I mean.  Bow ties and cowboy hats are cool.
The blessings this young man has brought to my life are countless.  He makes me laugh until my sides ache and he can make me cry with joy.  He is responsible and loving and luckily, no longer tries to wear my boots.
Love you, SON!!!