Thursday, September 15, 2011

Out and About

Well, the whole world has gone least the driving population of my town has.  Yesterday, I had someone pull right in front of me!  I wasn't a car length from the drive she was in and out she comes!!
Three guesses....she was on the phone.  I don't think she even saw me.  I would have beeped her but my new Soul has the timidest sounding horn.  When we were going to Myrtle Beach a man almost hit our car on the highway when he was changing lanes(smack dab into where we were) so DH beeped him--I'd say he layed on the horn and the tiny beep beep that came out of the car was hilarious.  I didn't laugh at the time because he almost hit us but thinking back on it...well, it cracks me up every time.  DH probably wishes we had a horn like a semi.
I usually don't get upset when someone does something stupid on the road.  I'm not really in any hurry these days and I can wait for them to right the wrong and continue on my merry way but yesterday was the living end! 
I have a new iphone and I love playing on it but NOT IN THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The iphone is a fascinating tool.  It has a great camera and I can download all these free apps and I can shop at itunes.  That itunes could be a sticky wicket.  You know how one thing leads to another?  I thought that only applied to house repairs but apparently it applies to itunes also.  Once I get started it is hard to stop.  If anyone wants to buy me a gift--an itunes gift card will suit me fine.  It is so fun to go through all that music.  My first five downloads reflect my eclectic taste in tunes--CeeLo Green's Forget about You, Sharon, Lois and Bram's A-You're Adorable, Stevie Wonder's Isn't She Lovely, The Beatles DayTripper and Linkin Park's In the End(affectionately known at our house as the scrub brush song).
Our gym moved to a new location in a strip mall.  Which is all good.  More room and nicer amenities. Pull right up to the door.  Yesterday, I neglected to lock my car and quickly went back to do so.  When I opened the door I almost clocked two guys walking by.  Where did they come from?  Everybody apologized and no harm was done but geez, don't they know the rules?  Pull up to the store you want and go in.  Right?  Who walks the sidewalk at a strip mall?  Well, these two guys did.
SO, that is me out and about.  Some days I think I should just stay in!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Siriusly, Folks

I am listening to 60's on 6 on my new Sirius radio.  I am loving it.  It plays a lot of repeats--like how many times can you  listen to Henry(or should I say 'Enery?) the Eighth before you get tired of it?  But the fun thing is it reminds me of my old radio station that played the same songs over and over and everyone loved it.  The great thing about 60's on 6 is that once in a while they throw in a song that I haven't heard for 45 years and I can sing along like I just heard it yesterday.
Just think of all the songs that are stuffed into your brain.  Our songs were short and to the point.  Not many lyrics and an easy melody to learn.  Songs that made me think I could sing!  Now I still like the music of today but there is something about the nostalgia factor.
Some of the songs from back in the day have hardly any lyrics--like Suzy Q--the song my DH thinks is great and I hate.  We have a lively discussion about it every time I change the channel if it comes on.
I really don't like any song I know with my name in A Boy Named Sue or Susan.  I always wanted a cute song to be about me like Windy or Stormy or Barbara Ann, even.
I could go on and on about songs with my name in them but I will spare you that tirade.
All these songs bring back memories of my sis and I, school events and young loves, and terrible dates.
It's wonderful even when they play Suzy Q!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I haven't blogged in such a long time because I thought I couldn't access it.  Thanks to my dear daughter, I am back. 
I am in the same spot as the "shoemaker's child" as I am a Systems Administrator's wife with no computer of my own.  I have a sub but it doesn't have my favorites so I thought I couldn't get here.  I tried by going to Sue's Views but it just showed me my last post.
I have had so many things to say and now I can't really remember them.  Oh, well.  Here goes.
What's with the commercials where food attacks the person?  One guy gets smacked by a corn dog, one guy catches on fire from breakfast and another guy gets punched in the face by ice cream.  Really?  That's the way we represent food problems now?  I've had enough of fighting food.
How about Lady Gaga dressed up as a guy at the MTV awards?  We really didn't recognize her for a full five minutes.  We came in late on the awards show so we didn't know she was playing her alter ego.  It made me think of when I spent a Halloween as alter ego.  He had a black eye and mouthed off to my principal.  It was kinda fun so I get why she did it .  Better than being carried in in an egg.
And Jennifer Hudson, stop getting so skinny!  You look beautiful but with each new commercial you are thinner and leaner and longer.  I've been on Weight Watchers for a year and I've lost 9 lbs.  And I don't look leaner or thinner or longer---only one year older.
I need some food to smack me in the face!
Oh well, glad to be back and hope to get here much more often.