Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Flip Side

For those of you who may be thinking that DH and I are just big drinkers now, I have photos of our day today that will wipe that thought from your mind.
We went to Penitentiary Glen near our home and had a good mile and 3/4 walk. 
Being the kind of quiet people we are, there wasn't much talking between us plus the first half was all uphill(although not steep) so a lot of effort went into just breathing.  On the way down, our quietness was rewarded because we saw a baby deer as I would say or a fawn as DH would say.  He is much more technical than I.  We saw its mother too although she didn't seem to want a photo taken like her baby did.
You should have seen that little thing!  It was teetering between mortal fear and curiosity just like any other little kid I ever met. Luckily, it didn't bolt until after its "photo shoot."

OOPS  This is Chapin Forest, not Penitentary Glen!  Sorry about that.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wonderful WINO

I can't stop thinking about and talking about our wine tasting so I am just going to put pics today.  I think I can figure it out.  Hold on a minute.

There you go!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is not for sissies.  I am here to tell you that those tiny sips can do you in faster than a speeding bullet.   Especially if you get an owner pouring who is so proud of his wine that he can't stop telling you to "try this one."
We spent two days tasting and one night recovering but it was well worth it.  The wines were yummy, we have some new favorite wines and wineries and we just had plain old fun!  Now who can complain about that?
Thanks to all the friendly vintners.  They are exceptionally kind and forthcoming when you are their only customers.  The beauty surrounding us was unreal even though the temps were in the nineties! (Thank goodness for a Lake Erie cool breeze!)
We brought some wine home for enjoying at a later date.  Maybe we'll share with you, you never know.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Photo Op

We had to take a new picture today because I got sick of the old one and DH even agreed to be in it.  We took it because I finally learned how to download the pics from my camera to my computer.  I need a special chip which I got for Mother's Day--I know, how romantic right?  But it was what I wanted.
We looked at the tall ships today and I took some pics there so when we got home we got right to it.
After they got downloaded, I put a new pic here and on my Facebook page and they aren't even the same picture!  YAY me!!

PS  That is not us in the hats!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Complete One Eighty

OK OK I know I said LeBron had every right to leave the Cavs.....but, really, I never thought he would.  Dan Gilbert wrote a scathing letter about LeBron's leaving and it is well written although very very angry and disappointed. 
You know what?  Even before I read that letter...oh, sometime around 9:30 last night I did my complete one eighty.  I agree with Dan.  The kid should've stayed here in his home territory.  He is a child of Northeast Ohio and that should mean something to him.   I liked what Dan said.
He assures us there is a championship coming to Cleveland and that LeBron took the Cleveland curse with them.  Hear that, Indians and Browns??  You can be great teams again too.  The curse has been lifted.  You will hit more homeruns and make great plays in the field.  You football guys haven't even started so you are really in luck.  Your whole season will be blessed.
Thanks to LeBron for taking the curse with him.  Oh, and by the way, that was the most disgusting use of television time in the history of mankind, LeBron.  Just so you know.
The King is dead (at least in Cleveland)......long live the new King whoever he turns out to be.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baited Breath

I live in Cleveland and for the past few weeks everyone has been speculating on what LeBron is going to do.  Will he stay?  Will he go?   Miami or New York?  Chicago or Cleveland?
He is finally going to make an announcement tonight on ESPN and let us all in on the big secret.
People have bets going and some are doing their darnedest to show LeBron how much he means to Cleveland by having rallies of support all over the place.
You know what I think?  The kid should do what he wants.
I don't think he has to stay true to his local roots.  If he wants to take a chance and open himself up to ridicule and scorn, then he should.  If he wants to move to NYC and have the paparazzi follow him everywhere and report his every move, be my guest.  If he wants to go to Chicago and try to be the next Michael Jordan, that's all right too.
We seem to forget that  we get all emotional about this but for King James it is a business decision.  I'm sure it is a difficult one.  He might even be a little emotional about it.  But he gets to choose.  It's his business and not ours.
So I'm not waiting with baited breath for his decision.  Whatever he decides, it's ok by me.  Like LeBron cares what I think.......or what you think........or what any of us mere mortals think.  He gets to choose all by himself.
OK so maybe not all by himself...I'm sure he has a team of advisers and an entourage who all will have input.  But in the end, there is only one who can decide.  Good Luck, matter where you are  you will always be the hometown boy who made good.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Staying Connected

Today I got a message on Facebook that DH and my friend's youngest daughter are friends on Facebook now.  I don't know why I find this so funny but I do in the cutest funny kind of way.  Now DH will know all about E and what she is doing.  She will know nothing about him because he never posts!  He hardly ever reads it at all.
Communication is so easy now.  You used to have to make a phone call or send a card or a letter.  Now you can just zip off an email when you think of it or put a random comment on Twitter or Facebook and you and all your friends and all their friends know it.
Even so sometimes it is difficult to communicate.  Smiley faces and LOL's and :) and :P don't always cut it when you are trying to tell a friend something.  Just reading something can be interpreted incorrectly if you aren't careful.
Does that mean I am picking up the phone or writing letters these days?  Heck,no!  LOL

Friday, July 2, 2010

Unforgettable--That's What I'm Not

I just had a conversation with a lady yesterday at the place where I work out.  We talked about getting injuries we have no idea where they came from--mostly black and blue marks, but it went on for quite some time and we laughed together even.
Today she came in and looked right at me and had no clue she had ever seen me before in her life.  I'm sure glad I didn't send her a big Hello!  I did smile tentatively at her in case she recognized me but nope, no response.
Now this doesn't really surprise me because you see sometimes I get invisible.  It happens mostly at the mall where people have a tendency to step on my foot.  Apparently, I was invisible through our whole conversation.
What really gets me is why don't the people you wish wouldn't remember you, do?
You know if somebody you just met sees you do something really stupid.  Or if you say the wrong thing you hope other people in the room just won't remember the next time you see them?  Or what about somebody who is really annoying and you wish you never met them?  Those people always remember me and fondly.  Oh, brother.
Not that I want to be pals with that woman at the gym.  Nobody there is really pals(Unless you come with a buddy like I do).  We carry on conversations that are superficial at best.  Like today we talked about food at the baseball game.  I told them how my daughter's friend got hit by a sandwich when we went early in the season and the wind was blowing like we were in a blizzard.
It just would have been nice if she would have said hello.  It's no fun being invisible.  People step on your foot all the time!