Friday, October 31, 2008


I always hated Halloween. First, I was a big scaredy cat. I was scared of ghosts and skeletons and bad boys. When we were young, one house down the street always had a sheet ghost up in their tree and the dad would drop it down when kids came to their house. I NEVER trick or treated there!! There were a couple of mean old ladies on our block too. One just scooped up a big spoonful of candy corn and then shook it back and forth until about three were left and then dumped that in your bag! Talk about a letdown. The other mean lady who on every other day would bite your head off if you even got a toe on her grass made the best cookies on earth! She generously passed those out and was real nice but on November 1st she was back to her mean old self.
One year, my mom made me a princess outfit. It was really pretty but scratchy because the sleeves were made out of nylon net with silver glitter on it. My arms itched so bad I can still remember it! In sixth grade, for some reason, all the girls were going to be cigarette girls. I know, isn't that funny? Some of you may not even know what that is. It was the woman who sold cigarettes and cigars from a little tray she carried around her neck. She worked in clubs and restaurants. My mother said absolutely not and she made me be the knave of hearts instead. I had to carry this date and nut tart that she made(and I hated) so I pulled it off in little pieces during the Halloween parade and threw it in the grass around the parking lot! I know she thought I ate it.
As a teacher, Halloween was a dreaded day. Kids were so overexcited and of course the party didn't start until the end of the day. Except in Kindergarten....lucky me, I got two parties. One year I dressed as a giraffe as I had found a really cool mask on vacation at the San Diego Zoo. The kids were pretty freaked out. I even put black socks over my hands to be hooves..I think that's what got to them the most. For a little while, I think they thought I might be real!
My own kids had some cool costumes and last night we had some good laughs reminiscing about them. My daughter always wanted to be a pretty pretty princess or ballerina or something pretty. My son was a myriad of things including a spy and Where's Waldo. I never thought I made very good costumes but they loved them. That made me feel good.
We used to stay home and pass out the best candy we could find but after three years of only 2 or 3 trick or treaters came to our house, we now just go out to dinner. So, it's Italian night for us--a real treat!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Heart Throbs

I watch The Bonnie Hunt Show. It is a new talk show and I enjoy it. She always talks about growing up in her old neighborhood and she always talks about a guy she and her sisters had a giant crush on. His name was Dukie Marcucci. Well, she talked about him so much that the show decided to call him up. She talked with him and fluttered like a school girl. I know just how she felt. Doesn't every neighborhood have a golden boy like that??
Our neighbor hood had Randy J. Oh, he was very cool and handsome and I had a crush on him a mile wide which I am sure was as obvious as the day is long. I was kind of dorky so the feelings were never mutual which in the long run was just as well but that is another story.
He was the source of my one afternoon of overwhelming popularity in the eighth grade though. He was involved in sports and one time at one of his wrestling meets I saw his dad and we had a nice little talk and hung out together for a little while.
A popular girl saw me and asked me if I was Randy's sister. Looking back on it I should have said sure I am but being and honest girl I told her I was his neighbor and she told me how lucky I was!! Then she must have told her friends because suddenly she came back and asked me to sit with her and her friends. So I did. We talked and laughed and they asked me all about Randy. I told as much as I could(I didn't really know very much) and they soaked it up like little sponges. I was sure my social success had finally begun even if it was on the coattails of my handsome neighbor.
The next day when I saw my new friends they (of course) totally ignored me and laughed at me as I walked away. They had gotten everything out of me that they wanted and they were done with me. I can remember feeling hurt and dejected but also not so surprised. It was a typical junior high move.
Well, I secretly crushed on my old neighbor as he dated all through highschool, his marriage at 17, and on his return trip home with wife number two while I was in college. I quivered with excitement even then and almost fainted when he deemed to say hello to me at the store where I worked on summer break.
If he came any where near me now, I probably would still be that silly little eighth grade girl and I would probably giggle just like Bonnie Hunt did over Dukie Marcucci. As far as I know, he is tucked safely away in Las Vegas and I'll never see him again.....but wait, that's where my daughter lives, maybe it could still happen. OHMYGOSH, that would be so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

To Sew or Not to Sew

About three years ago I broke my sewing machine. I hadn't used it in a really long time and I wanted to make some doll clothes for my niece. I got it all ready(or so I thought) and by the third stitch the entire workings were jammed with thread and the needle was broken into the feeddog. If you don't know from sewing machines, trust me it is a big fat mess!!!!! I could have taken it to the local repair shop but instead I disgustedly put it in the closet and said to myself, I am never sewing again! And I haven't.
SO last night I got a call from my son asking me to help with his costume for a Halloween party. He is going to be Little John from Robin Hood. So guess what? Am I brushing off the old sewing machine and running to the repair shop?? Not on your life!! Can you say felt and glue gun?? I think we can come up with something pretty easily. I will let you know how it turns out.
I used to make vests by the dozens and sell them at craft fairs. I used to participate in craft fairs and had the joy of sitting there and watching people admire your work and say how cute it is and then walk away. I never made very much at any of those sales. Oh, a little bit. I always covered the expense of my table but that was about it. I thought I would strike it rich with my good ideas but nope.
So now I just go to craft sales and look at the stuff and say how cute and walk away. It is kind of fun. I haven't been in a while because I would look at the stuff and think that I could do that(even better). So this year my best friend and I decided to try again. We are going next Saturday to a couple. I wonder if I'll buy anything??
I was going to participate in a craft sale this year but after I bought the stuff to make my angels(they are really beautiful) I kept looking at the bag in the back seat of my car and I didn't feel excited or happy about them, just like it looked like a load of work. So I dropped out and took the darn things back to Pat Catan's. It was like the weight of the world dropped off my shoulders. So I guess my craft show days are officially over and done with.
This winter I will go back to my newest craft project--scrapbooking and finish a couple of projects I let slide when the weather got nice. I am not letting myself buy any more scrapbook stuff as I have a giant load of it and have to use it up. I even gave a ton to my niece. I could almost open my own store!! So I will embellish to the hilt even though I know less is more.
But for now I have to concentrate on Little John..I mean, Brian's costume. I've come a long way since I turned him into C3PO when he was 3...didn't have a sewing machine then either!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The -ist List

The one thing I hate about this election is the -ist list. The Republicans have slapped more labels on Obama than I can remember...but I'll try.
Fist, he was an elitist. That meant he thought he was better than you or me. I sure hope so as I know I wouldn't make a very good president. I'm not informed or equipped enough to handle day to day pressures and I know next to nothing about the law--stateside or international.
Next, I heard he was terrorist. First it was because his relatives in Africa were know Muslims with ties to AlKaida(pics and all). Well, then he had a relationship with Bill Ayers. Now that I'll believe when Ayers is hovering in the background like Leiberman does with McCain. And Obama had the nerve to deny it. Nobody ever said do you know him, they just started with the name calling. Of course,it turned out that Obama does know Ayers as they were on a committee together many years ago. No way do I have a relationship with every person I ever sat on a committee with, do you?
Next, he was called a socialist because he wants to spread the wealth. Those with wealth are panicked by this, the rest of us not so much. The ads act like he is going to tax the middle class so that the poor can have a better life, I'm thinking he's going to tax the rich and the big businesses to do so. Not Joe the plumber but Joe the Leiberman will pay more.
Then I heard someone call him a Marxist. I'm not exactly sure what that even means but a reporter actually asked Joe Biden that question. He did not deem to answer as far as I know because he couldn't believe she was even serious.
Obama is none of these things but he is one -ist. He is an idealist. He thinks we can do better. He thinks we can help one another. He thinks he can get healthcare for everyone. He thinks diplomacy is the answer. He thinks there is hope. This I can deal with. I agree with him. It is time for us to have hope and enthusiasm. Its time for an idealist.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I haven't written in my blog for a while since I have been pretty boring lately. We did go for a ride in the country to see the fall leaves but that was about it. We are going to buy a new Christmas tree, how's that for thrilling. I know some people detest a fake tree but it is even prelit--we are sick of hanging lights.I am sick of the politics and cannot wait until November 5th--hopefully it will all be over. Remember last time?? Don't want a repeat performance of the not knowing thing. I wonder if the candidates ever think of that? I bet they do and it gives them a stomach ache!We have been faithfully(sorta) working out and you will be glad to hear that I have lost 2 lbs of the 15(really 19 but I round down!!) I gained and it has only taken two weeks. Hey, did I just hear you laugh??I've been busy at work and the time goes fast there. Local politics takes up some of our time and there is a Victorian Tea in December which will require us to keep busy. I'm still enjoying it.Oh, my husband finally talked about the tie dyed sheets(remember the ones I wrecked with bleach??) He read about them on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that a hoot?My best friend and I did our annual trek up 306 to look in all the antique shops(one) and the nurseries(several) that have gift shops. We spent time at Aurora Farms too. Somebody should do something with that place. It has such potential and right now although it was fuller than it was last year, it's pretty disappointing.I've been thinking a lot about opening a business. I have no idea what kind of business I would want to run--not a restaurant or a bakery but I know I would call it ANTEEZ. Isn't that a good name?? I would want my sister to be in it too so see--we are both aunts! Now if I could just come up with an idea for the store I'd be all set. Oh well, I have plenty of time to think about those kinds of things.I have seen another terrible movie. It was called ADAPTATION. It had not one, but two Nicholas Cages in it. Yuck!! I cannot stand him. I never understood his appeal. Anyway, don't ever waste your time on it --it was just weird.None of the new television shows are too interesting either although we are giving some of them a chance. My husband has been watching this show called Sanctuary on the SciFi channel and I love to mock him about it. It has the girl from Stargate One and she wears a black wig and sports a fake English accent. I have more fun when he tries to watch it...I think he will probably start sneaking it behind my back (hehe).So you can see I am not lying--I am boring right now. And guess what??? I will probably continue to write here just the same!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Spoiled Rotten

The spoiler business for Soap Operas and other television shows is a multimillion business. I have to admit I was hooked. I read all I could get my hands on and read some every day. I knew which actors and actresses were coming and going and I knew the basic story line for a month in advance. I knew all the surprises and twists and turns(well, at least all the major ones).
So two weeks ago I gave up the spoilers...cold turkey. For the first five days my fingers itched to get on line and read everything I always did. I wanted to know if Erica would kiss Adam(she did) and if Kendall would die(she didn' least, not yet). I wanted to know when Vicki would finally return so the Jess/Tess story line would get wrapped up. I wanted to know if Laura was really coming out of her illness or if her daughter was crazy. It was really hard not to look but I didn't.
And guess what??? I watched my shows and boy, they were great!! I enjoyed them more than I had in five years. One day, I even watched without fast forwarding any of them except for the commercials! I never do that. It took me a little longer than usual to watch but it was worth it. There were twisters(multiple) in Pine Valley, a public shooting in Llanview and I forget what happened at General Hospital but it was exciting too.
Old characters are coming back(the soaps are really tanking in the ratings) and the drama is more intense. More happened in the last two weeks on ALL MY CHILDREN than has happened in the last two years!!! Bring on the twisters, as they are bringing unexpected(thanks to my new un-habit) twists and turns to the story.
This might be a habit I can break since I have enjoyed my stories more than ever. I did quit smoking and haven't gone back but I think the spoilers were even more addictive!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh So Politico

Last night I had to work at a Candidates and Issues night. It was my job to greet the public and sign in the politicians. I had to direct them to coffee, the restroom and draw cards for speaking order. They each had three minutes to talk and two minutes for rebuttal. It was rather interesting. I learned something about people who are running for office. They can read your name tag from 500 yards!! This one guy almost had me convinced that I knew him. It was pretty easy to tell who the candidates were as they were dressed up and had on badges supporting themselves for the positions they were running for. Not all of them were that friendly but most were ultra polite. They brought their own literature and they were all pretty glib in front of the crowd.
They came from all over the state too. One man came up from Millersburg, one couple had come from a speaking engagement in Kent and two candidates drove up from Hudson after speaking there. The travelers looked pretty frazzled but stepped up to the plate after a restroom break. Some of them seemed to be looking for cookies..I don't blame them.
There were also people there handing out literature for the candidates who couldn't make it. A couple of them stood by the door with me while I handed out Voter's Guides from the League of Women Voters.
So guess what?? I snuck out before it was over. I only stayed through the State Rep. who wasn't even in my district and the first County Commissioner's speeches and then I split. I had enough debating the night before!!
I can hardly wait to vote....just so this is all over with. I am tired of the trashing and promises that they might not be able to keep even if they want to. I just want it to be over.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Excuuuse Me

Our old pal, Ringo Starr, the "fun" Beatle, has made an announcement. After October 20th, he flatly refuses to give out any autographs or sign any objects. Really. He is too busy, Peace and Love, Peace and Love. WHAAT?? How busy can he be?? His name isn't that long. If he was say, Englebert Humperdink, I could understand the time involved but come on, Ringo?????????? He is almost 70 years old so maybe it is getting hard for him to write(I say that with a wink) but then he should have said so. Peace and Love, Peace and Love.
Speaking of peace and love, I read an interview with the kid who is going to marry the Palin child. He is dropping out of highschool and will miss his senior year to take a job as an apprentice on an oil rig. WHAAAT? Now the poor girl is marrying a high school dropout?? If that is the standards that Gov. Palin holds for her own daughter I hate to think what her standards would be for the rest of the kids in our country. His coach is sad but is resigned to the fact that the kid needs a job. HE DOES????? IS not his future mother in law the governor of the state?? Are they not pretty well off??? Couldn't they help him out? They couldn't encourage him to finish school and get a job IN THE SUMMER after HE GRADUATES!!!!!!! And what about that coach?? some educator he is...the kid needs a job so he just drops out and that's not a time to say, "Stay in school"??
If this is a sample of the kind of thinking in Alaska, I would say they need some educational reform!
And how about Marcia Brady...I mean, Maureen McCormick. Apparently she is spilling her guts about being Marcia and her downward spiral after her career as Marcia ended. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! She never told any of her "siblings" about the book so I bet they can't wait to read it! I heard that she claims to have had an affair with Eve Plumb(also known as Jan) wonder, Jan never showed up for any of those reunion shows!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Falling in Love again

Okay, I am madly in love...and not with my husband. Don't worry, he knows all about it...and he doesn't blame me one bit. I am in love with the cutest, most appealing twelve year old you ever did see. His name is Freddie Highmore and I saw him in two movies this week--Arthur and the Invisibles and August Rush. He is the most enchanting little boy.
He has an engaging smile and a twinkle in his eye. You should see him! He's been in other movies too. I've seen most of them and I didn't really realize it was the same kid--he's been growing you see!
He was in Finding Neverland, a fine film that I enjoyed. Also in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory--he was Charlie, remember how cute he was?? He was in The Golden Compass which I saw and didn't really enjoy all that much since it ended with a kind of cliff hanger and no more will be made as it was kind of a bomb. He was also in The Spiderwick Chronicles, which I have yet to see but I will see it when it comes on cable.
He is just the kind of kid you want to come out on top. You pull for him through the whole movie. And you know how some kid actors as they get older kinda get funny looking? Not my Freddie! He is as cute and dimpled as he has always been.
Speaking of staying cute I saw Dakota Fanning on the Today Show and she is just lovelier than ever. I only saw her working the crowd, I didn't get to hear her speak, but she looked so cute and grown up already!! I am in her fan club too, by the way.
Anyway, back to Freddie. I guessed I am at least temporarily condemned to watch kid movies until the boy grows up. I hope he takes his time though, he is such a little cutie!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

25 to 59

In 25 days I will be 59 years old. It is amazing how little I am changed inside especially compared to all the outer changes I've had over the years. I wish I could say I am wise and have learned all the lessons I need to be successful in life but that would be a lie and I gave those up a while back. I still feel as insecure and unsure as I did when I was in the seventh grade at times and I still feel as happy as a three year old at others.
The time has flown just as much as time has spread out endlessly before me. I wish I could remember all the times and things that made me say I'll never forget this. I was a kid, I had kids and someday my kids will have kids God willing. I have loved and lost and loved and won.
I have been selfish and generous. I've made good and bad choices. I've been healthy and I've been ill(though not for long thank goodness).
I've had friends and enemies. It seems funny to think that someone is your enemy but it happens. An enemy can pretend to be a friend but not the other way around. You can be your own worse enemy--believe me, I've been that. You can be your own best friend too but luckily I have someone else to fill that bill.
I have learned a lot of things. I used to think that sexual desire was as the same as love. I used to think that you had to have everything you wanted right then and there. I used to think that everything would go the way I always dreamed without me lifting a finger to get there. I used to think people all thought the way I do. I lived in my own little world and ignored what was real. Maybe all young people do that. Maybe I still do a little.
Hopefully, I have a long time left to learn those lessons that I haven't caught on to yet. Time will tell.

Friday, October 10, 2008

George and the Giant Unibrow

Well, I feel so much better now. The President just spent 5 minutes reassuring me that everything is going to be all right. If he just didn't have that unibrow of wrinkles across the bridge of his nose and the waves of worry lines across his forehead I might have believed him.
Where the heck has he been for the last few days?? It sure took him long enough to get out here and talk to us.
He obviously didn't take my advice about the (ahem) Botox. He looks like those furrows are growing by the month--that is about how long it's been since we've seen him, isn't it?? Five minutes of stilted reading from a script didn't do much to ease my worries.
Oh well, he won't be around much longer(I mean his Presidency is almost over). I hope the next guy gets out there and talks to us at least every week and more if needed. And I hope he doesn't choose a time to speak when most people are at work and couldn't hear his reassurances.
Not that we won't hear it a million times over on the news but you know what I mean?
George and his unibrow can't be out of there soon enough for me...but in the meantime, I plan on watching the progress of his wrinkles!


Have you seen the ad for women who get migraine headaches? A bunch of woman are carrying their heads in their hands! Not resting their heads in their hands--really carrying them. CG has gone too far. It is so gross I am happy I have always been able to fast forward through the ad. Who got that idea?? Probably one of those MadMen..did you ever see them on the show on AMC?? They are always drinking at the office--that might explain it.
Speaking of gross, how about that egg thing that razors off the thick skin on your feet?? I will bet my bottom dollar that no man buys that product. Only we women with the societal pressures to be pretty would fall for such an instrument of torture! If I got that thing I know I would have dire results. I never did well with a razor to shave my legs let alone my feet! I just saw them the other day in a store right next to that other gross product-those things you wear on the soles of your feet overnight. They are white but your feet turn them black overnight. Oh, yuck!! There's another product I would never want to use. I'm not sure if it would even really work but I don't want to find out either.
So I've spent part of this week getting grossed out by something other than politics!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You Gotta Have Friends

Well, my friends, what did you think of the debate? Don't worry, this little rant won't be filled with "my friends" as I (unlike John McC) can control my urges to use the same term over and over. Hence the "new" title of this article and Man Oh Man I, II III, and IV.
Seriously though, was anyone as distracted as I was by that red, red rug?? It gave me a serious headache. It was the only one who commanded my attention every time we saw it. The blue, blue walls held a close second!
The audience cracked me up too. They were so straight faced the whole time. Towards the end a lot of them looked bored stiff and anxious to get the heck out of there. I saw a lot of tapping feet and wringing hands but no yawns or anything like that to their credit.
McCain didn't look comfortable when he wasn't speaking. I don't think he knew what to do with himself. He didn't sit--that chair looked a little tall... He didn't stand still, and he roamed the stage. I just wanted to holler, "HOLD STILL ALREADY!!"
Obama could sit in that chair easily with his long legs and he looked at ease while McCain looked desperate. Obama was articulate but sometimes you could see him stumble in a search for some words that didn't sound too elitist.
And poor Tom Brokaw just held on to the two candidates by a thread. They were oblivious to time and his admonitions to contain themselves to the allotted time. You should have seen the poor thing this morning on the Today show!! He really looked beat and o-l-d. Poor guy.
So, my friends, the battle continues and we are one step closer to election day. Thank Goodness.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blah blah blah

The next presidential debate is on tonight and I wish I could say that I am looking forward to it. I'm afraid that all we will hear is a bunch of rhetoric and no substance. The guy who steps up to the plate and says here is what I propose to do would be the winner in my book. Neither candidate will do that. They are too busy trying to make the other guy look bad. None of the television ads reveal any real plans and the vice presidential candidates didn't add anything new.
So will I watch it? You bet I will! I am an optimist and still hope that someone will speak out about the real changes they are able to make. I do realize that the President is just one man and he needs support in Congress to make changes but someone with a clear plan could get that support.
The American people spoke out about the bail out and some Congressmen listened. If we speak out maybe the candidates will listen and give us some viable changes outlined during one of these last two debates. Maybe it is too late for tonight, but there is another debate scheduled. SO tell your candidate what you want him to do. I'm going to. I want to hear how they will create jobs so people can pay their bills. I need to know that education is still a priority and that funds will be allocated for early education and that the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND Act will be left behind and teachers can go back to creative teaching and students can learn instead of memorize. I need to know that the elderly and the poor are on the mind of the future president and that he will work to keep Social Security strong.
Hope is important but I don't want to just hope. I want a President of action who will change the things he can as soon as possible. I don't want people to have to go to a website. I want to hear him say it on national television in front of all of us. That is a promise, not these vague platitudes that they keep throwing at us.
Tomorrow I may be eating my words but I don't think so. If either candidate steps up to the plate, I will be pleasantly surprised.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Joe Part 2

So the VP debate is over and nobody is happier than me, except maybe Joe Biden. He was confident and together but unfortunately so was his opponent. I don't really think anyone won...once again nobody said much I hadn't heard before.
I have to hand it to Palin. She is a quick study. She had been briefed in all matters and she had a ready answer for all. She was a little cocky but not like in her speeches when she was selected. I don't think she is qualified to be a VP but she did herself proud last night.
Joe (since she was allowed to call him that I guess I can) was also well prepared and he didn't run his mouth so much that he ended up saying something stupid(as he is famous for). He said all the right things and treated Palin with respect. Maybe too much respect... and not enough criticism. I would have loved him to ask what magazines she reads but Katie already's been there and done that. I'm just guessing she would have had an answer last night. I'm going with Time, Good Housekeeping, and Deer Hunter's Digest. (I made that last one up)
Anyway what really disgusted me was that after the debate the NBC News team felt compelled to have a "Truth Squad." They called both candidates on the carpet for not presenting all the facts on certain issues. I was shocked that they would do that(wink wink) and think it is a sad state of affairs that we need this Truth Squad. They probably had it after the Presidential debate too but we changed the channel before the debate was quite over.
As entertainment, the debate was below par. As information, it was below par. As a bore, it scored an A.