Friday, February 29, 2008

John McCain and John McBain

John McCain was my idea of a Republican you could vote for. He seemed smart and reasonable and concerned for our country. That was before I heard him speak at my daughter's graduation from the University of Oklahoma. The day was hot and long. OU is a big school and there were a lot of graduates. There were a lot of families. It was crowded. I was so excited to hear someone so prominent speak.
He started out telling the students to be proud of their accomplishments and then proceeded for about 45 minutes to tell them how there would be war and they better get used to the idea of war. At the end of his speech he received mild applause(in a very RED state) and I remarked to my husband that OU should thank McCain--I bet their applications to grad school would triple! No kid would want to enter the world McCain spoke of.
I was horrified at what he said. Why would someone tell newly graduated students such a thing. Get used to war--it will be a part of your lifetime(????) Why not pursue your dreams or even be the best you can be?
That was the day I stopped liking John McCain. I wish his speech was streaming on the Internet somewhere so everyone would know what a warmonger he really is. Well, I guess when he said we will be in Iraq for 100 years everyone might have gotten the hint but still......

Now John McBain is a fictional character. He is on one of my soap operas and is a brooding and dark mystery man. Someone over there has been reading too many "bodice rippers" if you ask me. Now John is a good man--a cop--ex FBI--extreme kisser, Oh no, wait that doesn't make him a good man...or does it? It seems all he has to do is kiss you and you are a goner and in some cases I mean a real goner as in D-E-A-D. So why would you kiss him ever? Two out of the three women I know he kissed are in their graves. Ok, maybe in their graves, you know the soaps, they could come back with amnesia or as their evil twin or as another actress.
So it made me wonder do we all really lust after mysterious men? Don't we want our men to be up front and honest with us?
I don't think I ever met a mysterious man. They all seem pretty transparent to me. That's why there are all those jokes you get in your email and the crux of so many sitcoms. You feed them, keep them organized, and let them hold on to the remote and so much for mystery!
Poor John McBain--the women will keep kissing him and dying but that's better than with John McCain--with him the young women (and men) just die.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

That Bites!

So, I have to go to the dentist today. I really really HATE the dentist. Oh, he is a very nice man and friendly but it doesn't matter to me. I have had a long, bad history with dentists. Our first dentist, Dr. Burns, appeared to be a nice man until you had a cavity. OHMYGOSH! He had weapons of torture. I was so scared of that man ..I still have occasional dreams where I have an appointment with him and sneak around the building to avoid going.
Then I had to have some teeth pulled. I was only about 8 or 9-- I can't exactly remember but I had to have a shot of Novocaine. I slipped from the chair to escape that thing. The needle was a mile long. I ran around the chair and he chased me(I swear this is true). Only with my mom's help did he finally get me and I got that shot.
Anyway then they sent me to the orthodontist. Now back then you had to have your wires tightened and it was this side of torture. I swear that man used to brace his leg on the chair and hoist himself up to get enough torque on the wire. YIKES Oh, and then you got to walk back to school!
Next was Dr. K (I will no longer use names) who sent me to the orthodontist yet again. Luckily things had changed and that wasn't as bad. However, his tech used to go to high school with me and she was a talker. I swear that girl cleaned my teeth for two hours. You'd have thought she was digging for gold in there! You hardly ever saw him. But when you did he wanted to give you laughing gas. I tried that once It made me sick--I wasn't laughing
So then off to Dr M. Nice guy. Did a good job. His tech cleaned my teeth and then did that rubber gadget for the fluoride and it tickled me so bad I was gasping for breath and yelling "Stop! Stop!" She didn't. I stopped going.
Now to my present dentist who without fail when he examines my teeth after the cleaning says, so how's the family when the mirror etc is in my mouth Needless to say he doesn't know how my family is! So I write this after my appointment and two old fillings have to be replaced. How about in April? I ask humbly. The girl says, "Oh, July?" The dentist tells her no, April and I want to scream "Yes, yes, July." Of course you could understand her mistake since April sounds so much like July(?).
I am off the hook for at least a little while. Can't wait til July or April or was it July...........................

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Brave Step

So I told everyone about the blog today so maybe that means I will write every day. (Oh, sure) Anyway, I will try. There is a lot churning around in the old brain and it has to get out somehow. Putting yourself out there on the web is really a little scary. Not because of identity theft or anything like that but because for every one who will like what you say there will probably be ten who don't!
But what is life if you don't take some risks? I thought when I stopped working that my life was over. The kids were grown and didn't really need me in the same way. No responsibilities except keeping the house all seemed pretty bleak.
Then I worked at Grant School. Just three months of the year but thanks to Nancy's recommendation, I worked there until my license expired. Good by, teaching.
Hello, volunteer work. Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital was a source of vitality and friends.
We were all very different from one another and yet we all brought something to the table.
It was great to work with kids and not have any responsibility except to entertain them and appreciate them. I loved it for a long time. Then circumstances changed and I didn't love it so much.
So I left. But guess what? The experience there taught me that I may want to work again. I even thought about applying for a job there. I came this close and then decided it wasn't the right thing for me at this time.
So what is around the corner? I don't know yet but there is always something. I'm sure of it.

The Great Debate

So, what do we know about Hillary and Barak that we didnt know yesterday?? Not much. Hillary watches SNL. Barak has a cool demeanor and knows the definition of denounce and reject.Is it just me or does it seem she is grasping at straws?? She seemed unneccesarily petty to me. Of course,he is inexperienced!! Hello, we all know that. Tell us what you are going to do. Not what is wrong with him. Let me judge that for myself.She doesn't get much respect from the press either. I just don't think she should have brought up that she always has to go first. (Not that she minds) Puh-lease.Believe me, I am no political expert. I am just another voter like most everyone, but why can't they all tell us what they are for not what is wrong with the other guy?I would rather have seen each 0f them questioned by a moderator alone for 45 minutes with the same questions and decide for myself who has the best ideas.So am I just naive or stupid about this?Barak is inspiring. We need inspiration. These Bush years have been a travesty in my opinion. I can't abide the idea of kids at war. I can't abide that young men and women are being torn from their families multiple times. I can't abide "No child left behind" when it leaves every child behind. I can't abide the oil companies being catered to.So I really think we need inspiration. I'm still not sold that Barak can do the job. I'm not sure what he is for. What is his reputation among his peers? Will he be followed easily or does he have to drag other politicians screaming and kicking to his side of issues? I want to know these things.Start talking, Hillary and Barak and stop arguing!