Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a Day for a Daydream

The last couple of days have been so beautiful weather wise it is almost unreal. Today that lovely weather continues and it made me feel like doing a little day dreaming so here goes.
Wouldn't it be lovely if that Hurricane Gustav would just blow itself out over the water and everyone could just go home and be safe?
Wouldn't it be grand if the conventions were over, the election was done and we had the right new president and life returned to normal?
Wouldn't it be nice if we could buy gas and go wherever we wanted or could actually afford to board a plane and go somewhere far away for a vacation without having to worry about the price?
I wold really love it if the war was over and all the soldiers, sailors and marines had come home and their tours of duty were just on the weekends keeping their skills in tact.
It would be wonderful if my whole family could get together whenever we wanted to and celebrate any day we wished.
I would love to see all the kids in our country enrolled in the right school for them and that those schools would provide not only education but good nutrition and a nurturing environment where there would never be any chance of a predator lurking.
I would love to live in a society that respected older people for their experiences and wisdom and not try to take advantage of their weaker physical state.
In that same vein, wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a society that didn't judge us by our appearances and didn't expect women to be a size 4 with 40DD breasts? I would love to live in a world where Barbie was just a doll and not a blueprint for the perfect body.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to build up instead of tearing down...buildings, people's self esteem, countries, families... I could go on and on.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if every citizen of this planet accepted that they were a part of God's great plan and there is a little spark of Him in every one of us?
Like I said, it is only day dreaming but once in a while you need to dream a little.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh Brother!

OHMYGOSH!!! Joe Lieberman is out and Sarah Palin is in!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....Er, wait a minute....WHO?? Oh, yes Sarah Palin, isn't she that little actress who was Sarah Stanley in Avonlea?? We used to watch that all the time with our kids back in the eighties. What was that?? Oh, not her...that was Sarah Polley.. oh, ok.
Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin...let me think.....nope, that's Sara Lee......nope, that's Sarah plain and tall....okay, I give.
She's the governor of Alaska!! Hmm, never heard of her. I even have a tendency to forget about Alaska.
Anyway, all kidding aside, does McC think that because he chose a woman, women will now automatically vote for him?? I know they say that a lot of women who supported Hillary claim they are now for McCain but will this little grandstand turn them off?? It sure does me. After all the criticism he's slung Obama's way about not having any experience, he picks some lady that nobody outside of Alaska ever heard of! How obvious can you be??
Plus this woman has five kids, one of them a pretty brand new baby. She is a self-proclaimed soccer mom so I am guessing she is pretty involved with her children as any good mom would be. Will she have the time and energy to be a good VP? And what if the old coot,oops, I mean Mr. McCain should die. Then what???????? She has never been involved in federal politics at all to my knowledge.
Plus, she is going to look just a little bit fat(no offense, Sarah) next to Cindy McScarecrow, you know?? They will need to put the two husbands in the middle to offset the discrepancy and then everyone will think the husband is the candidate, oops, I guess McC will just have to be between them and Sarah will just have to grin and bear it.
I don't know who in the world I thought McCain should pick but it sure wasn't this poor woman. I wish her all the luck in the world...she'll need it!

A New Hope

No, not Luke Skywalker, I mean Barack Obama. Last night I was passed out by 9:30 from allergy medicine and didn't hear the speech in person. I just finished reading the transcript of what the man had to say.
First, I like that he doesn't cast aspersions on his opponent. He doesn't question his allegiance or his moral code. He doesn't agree with his opponent's positions and that is very clear cut.
Next, he told specific changes he wants to see happen. No pie in the sky, change is coming, hooray, kind of stuff. A clear cut plan that has goals and vision. I still would like more details--where's he going to get that army of teachers? Although he could start right here in NE Ohio, where getting a teaching job is still a challenge.
I'd like to hear more about that health care plan--I know that has a lot of people worried that the new health care plan will destroy their own coverage.
Finally, I like the feeling of hope that Obama exudes. He is an optimist in a pessimistic time. He has dreams and goals for himself and all of us. Instead of walking all over each other, he wants us to stand together. I like that idea. I am tired of worrying about wars and the economy and the state of the value of my home and the future my children face.
Mr. Obama, you have seven weeks...(really?? that's all?? doesn't it seem like this election has taken forever already and now it's almost over??) In six weeks, I'll probably be sick of the commercials and the rhetoric and pray for election day to get here fast. You have seven weeks to flesh out this plan. To give us more details to show that you are not just an optimist but a planner and a doer.
Get out there and prove yourself. Convince us you are the man. There are many of us who want you to be but we are leery of politicians. Show us you are a leader before you are a politician. That rhetoric is not your only device. Show us that you are speaking from the heart and not from your greed for power. We need that man and I hope you are the one!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Have You Ever Seen a Lassie?

I turned on the television this morning and on TCM they were running an old Lassie movie. It had Edmund Gwynn( Santa in Miracle on 34th St.) and Janet Leigh. Lassie was the usual heroine and proved to the town that Chloroform was a viable way to do a surgical procedure.
Santa, I mean Gwynn, was at one time the hardest working actor in Hollywood. For a smallish, not very good looking man, he sure got a lot of work. He could be kind and caring or cranky and curmudgeony. I can't tell you all the movies I have seen that he is in.
Janet Leigh looks to be about 16. She might be older than that but she doesn't look it. Kinda like that Chinese gymnast!
Anyway, the Lassie movies are always the same. Lassie has been around for such a long time. She did movies and television. I'm not sure how many Lassies there have been but there have been a lot and some of them were even boys. I guess the strategic long coat of a collie made it possible to trick the public.
In the movies, I've seen Lassie loved by Peter Lawford and Roddy McDowell. My favorite is still Lassie and Timmy from the TV show. The kid was Jon Provost and the dog was ...well, Lassie. Timmy's mother was June Lockhart and she was the perfect mom of the fifties, well dressed and smiling and cooking and doing laundry. I don't really remember the father although I'm pretty sure he was around or maybe it was a grandpa...I don't really remember.
The star was Lassie of course. For someone who couldn't talk, she sure got her message across. She could sense danger a mile off and spot a rabid animal from 100 paces. She saved Timmy's,er,...neck more than a hundred times and she had mental telepathy with Timmy's mother.
Lassie was as much a part of Saturday morning at our house as were the treats my dad bought at the old Hough bakery. He made our breakfasts on the weekend and they were always the best. I couldn't wait for Saturday morning.
Uh-oh, the good doctor(Santa) is passed out in the snow and Lassie is crying over his body and crossing the raging river to save him. Gotta go...I wonder what 's going to happen?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hoop De Doo

I remember when Giant Tiger gave away free hula hoops. I stood in line with my mother and my sister for what seemed like hours until I got my red hoop. They were all the rage at the time and I went home and tried and tried until I could swing my hips in the proper motion and make it go around more than a couple of times. I remember I was pretty good at it and we played with them until we got sick of them or one of the dads ran them over in the driveway and they got bent. We also learned to toss them so they would come back to us and that delighted us nonstop.
Imagine my surprise when I started watching the Rhythmic Gymnastics yesterday and those girls came out with hula hoops. I have never seen anything like it in my whole life. They could toss those things and do acrobatics and then end up right where the hoop came down and caught it in their hands or even better on their foot or some other body part. I have never seen a hula hoop have that much action. It was a combination of strength and beauty kinda like ballet on steroids.
Then they came out with the clubs. Ohmygosh, that was something else too. I just kept going ohmygosh over and over again and holy sh** when those girls did some extraordinary tricks. I can't even remember them exactly now I was just so blown away.
Then came the ribbons. I never knew what all you could do with a ribbon on a stick. Trust me it defies description. The ribbons are 19 feet long and those girls could make them do all kinds of swoops and swirls as they were continuing those graceful gymnastic moves. The combination of the girls' bodies and the swirling ribbons were lovely.
I especially loved the girl with the red ribbon. I think she was from Russia. Her costume was white with Russian looking embroidery on it and it had a high collar that looked like an intricate neck band. She had a smile on her face and a confidence that exuded from every pore. I am so glad I got to see it.
Anyway now I know why the hula hoop became part of the gym(oh, sorry physical education) program in our elementary school. If those kids only knew what they could do!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Whose House Is It Anyway??

Well, I know how many homes I own as I am sure you do too. I am also pretty sure that most of us would agree that a condominium counts as a house. McCain's people say he has 4 houses but Obama's people say it is more like 10. I'm guessing neither one is correct. I think he has more like 12.
Owning a home is usually a big deal. You find the one you like and you get all excited about decorating it and making a garden(unless it is a condo) and you start making plans. Most people actually go live in them. I know my husband knows how many homes we own although it is not much of a stretch to remember one.
I bet Cindy McScarecrow knows how many homes they own. I bet she decorated every one of them to the nines all by herself(and possibly the decorator). I bet she likes modern furniture--sleek and skinny like herself. Maybe John McC gets an office of brown leather with those studs in them and a big mahogany desk. He probably sits there and smokes cigars with his buddy, Joe L.
Most Senators probably have more than one house. You need somewhere to live in DC and then you need a home in your home state(like to establish residency--Remember the Clinton's in NY?) They all better be ready to answer the question now--just how many homes do you have??? They all better know the anser too!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Write Stuff

Did I ever tell you I wrote a book?? Well, I did. It is a romance I guess but it is about a woman my age who changes her life completely. She does have a romance and she does live happily ever after and there is a little titillation but not too much.
I hate those old "bodice rippers" where the heroine and hero spend 12 or 13 pages in bed and the author describes every earth shaking moment as the heroine has 44 orgasms and the man restrains himself until she is utterly and completely satisfied. Puh-leeze!! Maybe I am just jaded as I have read so many of them in the past.
The new "chick-lit" books are pretty good for the most part but I have been reading a lot of them and there is a common theme among them too. The heroine always wakes up hungover, overspends on her credit card and usually has a pet. She has sex too but it is not as graphic(thank goodness). I enjoyed them at first but I am getting a little tired of them.
Recently I have been reading "inspirational" novels where the girl is a Christian so she never has sex(which is fine, don't get me wrong) and instead of sex scenes there are gratuitous church or bible study scenes that go on for several pages. She always gets her man but not until the last page because they can't have s-e-x.
On some level, I do enjoy all these books but they do get repetitive if you read too many. A lot of them have glaring errors in time line in their plots and many spelling and grammar mistakes. I have worked really hard to avoid that. I took copious notes on the time line of my story so the children in it would age correctly. Why can't these PUBLISHED authors do the same?
I would love to have my book published but I am a giant scaredy cat(as I have established before) so I am not sure I could face all the rejection. I could self-publish but that seems like a vanity move and why would anyone want to buy it?
I am still working on fleshing it out a little also. It is a bit short for my liking and I have to see what I can do about that. Mary(my heroine) waits patiently for me to make up my mind what in the world to do with her and her friends.
If you ever see my book in the library or on a shelf (or mark-down table) at the bookstore, a miracle will have occurred. You know I have been praying for divine intervention so maybe I'll ask a little to be thrown my way.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Say it Ain't So, Joe

I KNEW IT!!! Guess who is on the short list for McCain's vice president! Joe Lieberman!! I told you. He is always there in the shadows, advising John and telling him what to say. He is probably the one who drove poor Cindy McScarecrow to the hospital when someone shook her twig arm and sprained it! Joe Lieberman--you know, the one who ran with AL GORE!!!! Now he is on the other side...and they said that John Kerry was a flip flopper. Jeesh!!! Joe Lieberman deserves Olympic Gold for his flip to the other side.
He is also the one who screwed Gore over in Florida by saying the other party won or something like that. His running mate--so quick to say Oh, yeah it's all over for my pal AL. I don't know how he ever got elected to anything to tell you the truth. He seems really fake to me from the smile to that singsong voice of his. I sure wouldn't trust him. How do we know what he even stands for(besides Joe Lieberman, of course)??
And mark my words, if he isn't the VP candidate he will be a close advisor of McCain's and that can't be good. I can just see him off camera range, skulking in the bushes or in the corner of the Oval Office(I guess there aren't any corners in an oval office but you catch my drift) and rubbing his hands in glee as McCain spouts his advice to the public. OHMYGOSH!! We are doomed.
He even recited the party line about Obama being nothing but a celebrity on Meet the Press. I am wondering how anybody would expect Obama to be anything but a celebrity.. After all, he is the first of his race to run for President of the USA. Of course, he's a celebrity. John McCain was a celebrity also when he came back from Viet Nam and now as the old fart who is running for President. We are a celebrity driven society . Rock Stars and divas and television personalities aren't our only celebrities. Don't you think Ted Kennedy is a celebrity or his niece, Caroline?? I'm sure they are plagued by papparazzi too. How about that excop who seems to have killed all his wives(allegedly)?? He's a celebrity too. How about the President of France and his wife?? They are both celebrities and it seems he can lead just fine. I think that the Republicans have a very narrow view of celebrity and its meaning.
Anyway, back to Joe. If you want a smarmy, yesman in the second most important office in the United States by all means root for Joe Lieberman. If you are like me, you better start praying for some divine intervention.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Me and Bobby K

When I was in the sixth grade...oh, wait this is a very self indulgent entry so if you don't want to you don't have to read it. Anyway, when I was in the sixth grade, the school sponsored a sixth grade dance to which the boys invited the girls. We had dance lessons in the gym and everything. My mom was going to make me a dress with daisies sewn on it. It was beautiful and I could not wait to wear it.
Now I bet you think I am going to say nobody asked me to go. Well, you would be wrong. I wanted to go with Bobby K. I wanted him to ask me so badly I couldn't see straight. He was the one for me--I don't remember why except he had cute freckles and that might just be my old memory playing tricks on me. I waited as the boys started asking the girls and Bobby never asked me. He was really shy and was taking his sweet time about it. My teacher must have known I wanted to go with him(I may have even told her) and I remember her sympathetic looks. She probably wanted to grab him by the collar and say ask the poor thing already!!! but she didn't to her credit!!
Brucie H. asked me instead and I had a broken heart until I got him to un-ask me and ask my best friend Donna D. instead so I would still be there for Bobby. Two long days later he finally asked me and that's all I remember of that dance except that I danced once with the male sixth grade teacher who was a grown up heartthrob!!!
Anyway, in spite of all this drama, and my lack of memories from the dance, I always considered Bobby my first boyfriend.
Many years later, I had a student teacher with the same last name as Bobby and as she lived in the same area I assumed she was related to Bobby but she wasn't. SO when I met my son's friend Marc(with that same last name) I never bothered to ask assuming that it was a much more common name than I had thought.
Well, Marc got married last night and I was telling his father(who I never met before) about the coincidences of the last name thing and he says "My brother's Bob and there he is and I turned around and lo! and Behold!! there is my old flame, Bobby from the sixth grade. He looked a little stunned as he had no idea why his brother was talking about him to a stranger until I told him who I was and then he looked even more stunned. He did give me a hug(be still my little sixth grade heart) and said it was good to see me and of course he remembered going to the dance with me.
When we left, I went by Bobby and said goodbye and gave him a little kiss on the cheek. It was an impulse but it did fulfill a life's dream...........I kissed Bobby K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, my, I felt silly that I did it but I was glad too. My husband couldn't stop laughing and even offered to take a picture of the two of us but I said no thanks and punched him in the arm for good measure.
Bobby has gray hair and no freckles and is still pretty shy. He was the only guy in the room that I knew could dance for sure but he didn't get his wife out there. Oh well, I guess once you dance with me(in my daisy dress) there is just no comparison!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Holy Cow!

I love the add for California cheese where the bull pretends to be from France. Je m'appelle Bob is what he says. It always cracks me up. He thinks he is so smooth and then the one cow is a fluent speaker of French so he is busted. The funniest part is when his friend strolls over to try the same line and Bob just tells him not to bother. It makes me laugh every time.
I love cows. They are allowed to be fat and they can eat all day. What a great life that would be!! I used to collect cows but not anymore. People started telling me that every time they saw a cow they thought of me! Not the image I want to spring forth into people's minds when they think of me. Maybe(if it has to be an animeal) a poodle or an Irish setter but not a cow. Personally I would really like it if Heidi Klum made people think of me but that is never going to happen in this lifetime!!
Anyway, I also love burgers especially with cheese. Two more cow-linked products. So you can see I am really crazy for cows!!!
Do you remember Elsie the cow?? She repped for Borden's when I was a kid and she was quite the cow. She wore June Cleaver dresses and had daisies around her neck. She even had a husband and a kid although their names escape me. The husband wore a shirt and tie. They were quite the overdressed bovines. I remember thinking Elsie was pretty. Oh, brother!
I finally met a cow up close and personal at Lake Farm Park when I still taught Kindergarten. Ohmygosh, I like the front end a lot better than the back end and I'm not too sure about the front end. Then we went on vacation in Amish country and the people next door to our rental house had cows. They were ok, a little scary but then I am a big scaredy cat. So I guess I only like fake cows.
I also love all things French. Hence, the poodle reference. I love croissants and cafe au lait and vin rouge. I even went to France once but I don't think I really appreciated being there. Oh well...the city is supposed to be so romantic but I thought it was kinda gross. Maybe things have changed and it is not so dirty as it was or maybe I was just disappointed because reality can never live up to the ideal in your head when you are young.
Anyway, that's all I have for revoir, mes amis!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am feeling back to my old self finally. I went to the gym today and did the bike and the rowing machine which is my new challenge. I also went to work and had a good day there. I am preparing a large document so it has been interesting. I think I have the entire membership of the Chamber of Commerce memorized as of today!!
I am back on track in the food department too and I was feeling really great about how and what I was eating and then I saw a report on what Michael Phelps eats on an average day. ............12,000 calories! Oh yes, I said and I meant 12,000!!! The kid eats so many carbs he should be as fat as Santa Claus but instead he is the most svelte and muscular young man. He eats like a pound of pasta at a time. Plus eight pieces of pizza and energy drinks and chocolate chip pancakes with eggs and toast and more carbs. The list was mind boggling.
In his defense, I have tried swimming laps at the Y. It is not easy. I could do about 14 in 15 minutes. And I would be exhausted. He does that in less than 2 minutes. And did you ever even try that butterfly stroke? It is killer. SO he is burning calories right and left. But think about his future--like when he is 60. I am guessing he won't be eating 12,000 calories a day but boy, I'll bet he'll be missing them!! Either that or he will be the world's fattest instead of fastest man.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


My memory seems to be fading fast. I cannot for the life of me remember what I wanted to write about today. Last night it seemed worthwhile so why can't I remember this morning.
I know it wasn't about movies as the two we watched yesterday were so BAD!! One was Zoom with Tim Allen and don't waste your time. It was cute for kids I guess but it was scifi so my husband taped it. Tim Allen did not sparkle like he usually does and Courtney Cox looked like a big fake smile got plastered on her and she just bullied her way through with it. even the outtakes at the end were bad..Chevy Chase led the cast in a really stupid chant about...oh never mind, you really don't want to know. I don't even remember the name of the second movie. It was set in China and had a little Indiana Jones vibe(in its dreams). It was boring and pixilated every once in a while which really added to the enjoyment!
There was an ad on that I wanted to tell you about but I forget what that is too. I'm not sure even if it was a new favorite or a new one to hate. I just get so frustrated when I can't remember little things. I used to say it was because I had so much on my mind but lately I am pretty relaxed. All the vacations are over and I'm back to my old schedule since I got rid of the boot.
I guess I should just take notes on these trivial things that pop up and I want to share here but I hardly ever remember to do that. I should write down more stuff. I have a couple of ideas for books clanging around up there and if I don't write them down pretty soon they will be gone too. I have neglected poor Mary(my heroine) and her story for a long time now. Maybe these new ideas could get written into that story. Hmmmmm I will have to think about that for a while.
A neurologist once told me that if you think your memory is fading it isn't...when you think you remember everything you are in trouble. SO I am no terribly worried. What I wanted to talk about will come back to me in time and I will tell you then. Until then....oops, I forgot what I was going to say.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you see the Opening for the Olympic games?? It was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed on television not counting the first man on the moon. The man who directed the whole thing and imagined it is a real genius. It was beautiful, spectacular, interesting and not too out there as some have been in the past.
The people who participated were amazingly coordinated and when it was revealed that the Chinese blocks were handled by people I couldn't even believe it. 2008 drummers didn't miss a beat! The Chinese people really pulled out all the stops to impress the rest of the world.
Yao Ming(whose English is still really bad) led the Chinese delegation with a little boy who saved his friends during the recent earthquake. Watching those two brought tears to my eyes. The little boy went back and saved them in spite of his own injuries and he is only nine years old! Plus the kid was a tiny little thing(especially compared to seven and a half foot Yao) and after the interview on American television said Thank you in English as plain as day. What a charmer--he should be their leader when the time comes. Brave and loyal and charming--what every world leader should be. John Edwards could take a page from his book(about the loyal part, I mean).
The young men and women were beautiful and the costumes and pageantry were unsurpassed. The show included Chinese history and culture. I learned a lot.
And I would have been impressed even more if I hadn't seen the report that the local farmers around Beijing had their water diverted so that Beijing could look lush and lovely. The farmers were left to scratch in the dust and try to grow some kind of food. It was going to be pretty much impossible.
So China was more concerned over how things looked rather than the health and welfare of their own people. I guess that shouldn't be so surprising as they have ignored human rights for a very long time. I sure would have been way more impressed if they made sure their people would be fed first and then made a show that was less spectacular. That would have been impressive!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

ANother FIne FIlm I've Gotten Myself Into

Remember the strange movies I've been seeing this summer?? My streak continues with the fine film, Household Saints. Oh, those wacky Catholics!! This story starred Tracy Ullman and Vincent D'Onofrio as the NY parents of a daughter who wanted to be a saint. Really. She wanted to be like St. Therese, the little flower. Not being Catholic that doesn't mean a whole lot to me but the Saint did little things and that is how she got her saintdom(hood)...again, pardon my ignorance.
So the kid tries to be perfect, grows up and wants to be a nun which her father nixes big time so she meets a boy(Tony Soprano's cousin that he whacked at the end of the show) and lives with him.(It is the swinging 70's) and while she is ironing his shirt she sees Jesus. Who comes to her in the form of JERRY JAX( the villain on GH). I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.
Jerry Jax looked angelic except for a dirty shroud and she offered to wash it for him but he gave her hundreds of shirts like the one she was ironing instead.
SO anyway, she is considered a giant nut case and sent off to a Catholic looney bin where she says she plays pinochle with God, Jesus and St. Therese and God cheats. (Like he would need to but He claimed it was fun) The she dies.
So there you go--another classic to add to my growing list of Movies I Watched But Why I'll Never Understand Why.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Only in Vegas...

Would you see an alien ship and the jet the government sent to check it out from your room at Harrah's.
Would they bring a wheelchair to a dead guy in the casino.(seriously)
Would a guy with a giant beer belly walk straight into you and not even see you.
Would a pirate show(attended by many small children) have a heroine nicknamed Sin(short for cinnamon).
Would they put the wheelchair people in a place where you couldn't even see the aforementioned show.
Would you get so excited over winning twelve dollars.
Buy drinks when they give you free ones in the casino (they do come in pretty cool glasses).
Where a guy dressed as a Klingon(!!) feels free to mock out a group of rollerblade chicks and their escorts.
You can buy a hamburger for 14 dollars and a shrimp cocktail for 99cents.
You can ride a carousel and gamble at the same time.
everyone you ever met won money there but you lost.
Have the time of your life!!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Paris, Britney, and You Know Who

OHMYGOSH!!!! Mr McCain!!!!!! Grow up will you?? For an old man, you sure have a goofy sense of least that is what you call it. The Republican nominee is having "fun" mocking his opponent by comparing him to the two aforementioned young women. It's not because he is a blond either. McCain is insinuating that Obama has the wherewithal and abilities like those two girls. I wonder what the Hiltons thought of that since they support McCain's campaign(with money--probably a lot). I'm sure they are used to their daughter getting bad publicity but this is a bit over the top, isn't it? We aren't supposed to think that Obama is anything but a silly, blond girl who can sing or not sing(take your pick.)
Oh, and now Obama thinks he's Moses. That's the latest. McCain thinks that one was a crack up. He sent that one only to his supporters(cause then no one else would see it). Obama says he represents values and morals and McCain says he has visions of grandeur. Doesn't McCain say the same thing about himself?? Aren't our candidates supposed to reflect our values and morals? That's what all the other candidates have said all along. Family values is a phrase that has become very familiar in any political race. Now Obama has dared to say it and McCain doesn't like that.
Why not?? Because some of us believe it. We who don't think that Obama is a Muslim terrorist or the antiChrist. There are some of us who think he is a young man who has idealistic tendencies that may just work in this crazy, mixed up world. He seems to be a man who wants to talk about important things and try to find our way back to better times. Ooh, what a crazy moron!!! Just like Britney, he'll probably shave his head next...or like Paris, he'll start carrying around a little dog in his manpurse.
McCain must be feeling pretty desperate if this is the only way he can attack Obama. And if you have noticed, the Obama campaign has not made an ad comparing John McC to anyone or anything. They are talking about what they believe in.
I still would like Obama to be more specific in his plans but maybe he is saving that for the convention and after..I don't really know. I saw and the show they put on for this campaign is pretty funny but it does have a good message for Obama. Get real and talk about the specifics of these changes. We are ready to hear them....well, maybe not McCain and his camp. I'm sure they have a line up of celebrity comparisons for when you do--Carrot Top, perhaps?