Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

It isn't really my birthday yet but I went to get my E check, renew my driver's license and get new tags.  A few days ahead.  I am so organized.
So I drove to the E check place and the kid starts to test my car and he says
Is this a 2011?  I said yes and he said I didn't have to get an E check until 2013.
Oh boy, was my face red.  And then he says, You have to come back next year.....before your birthday. He said it real nice and kind of slow like.  Oh Crap, he thought I was dumb and OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I shook it off and headed for the DMV.  I marched in with my license at the ready and my paperwork for my tags.  The lady took my license, my information, checked my eyes(let's not even talk about the peripheral view thing) and sat down to start the process and looked at my license and says Your license is valid until 2014! Oh @)!$
Now I am feeling really stupid so I left with my tail between my legs.
So off to JoAnn Fabrics I go to get some cute sprinkles for my birthday cupcakes and in all the stuff they had and believe me, there was a ton, nothing for fall.  It is CHRISTMAS already.  If I wanted candy cane sprinkles I would have  been golden but guess what I wanted orange and brown and yellow sprinkles.  So I left there empty handed.
So far I am batting three for three.
Now it was time to frost the cupcakes.  Easy-peasy, right?  As I tasted my frosting I thought it could use a little more salt(yes, salt, it makes the sweet more sweet or something) so I pick up the container and promptly drop the entire contents on my feet.
What a mess and every time I moved I made it worse.  There was nothing to do but get a broom and get to work.  I had salt stuck to the bottom of my socks so I couldn't even tell if I got it all until I took and broomed the bottom of my feet too.
Getting older doesn't usually bother me but today I got a glimpse of the future....and I didn't like it one bit.  From now on I am making a list for everything not just the grocery store!