Saturday, February 27, 2010

Super Soap Powers

Recently I've been noticing that a lot of my soap characters have super powers. No, really.

Besides coming back from the dead(which happens more frequently than you would think) and having children one was unaware of (yup, even women) I have noticed things in day to day living which are just super powers.

Let me bring up the case of Ryan and Jake. Thursday, they ordered up a bottle of bourbon and polished off the entire thing and were still able to carry on a reasonable and coherent conversation. If I drank half a bottle of bourbon, I don't think I'd be able to say anything, I'd be passed out cold! Then on Friday,(the same day for them and the same conversation) they approached the bar and ordered more drinks....and the bartender gave drinks to them!! Didn't she see them polish of the entire bottle? Plus then they left and drove to wherever they were going next!! YIKES, that is a super power!

Then there is Nurse Gail. She has been skulking around in the background crushing on Dr. David who of course wants nothing to do with her and so she is out for revenge. Erica Kane is helping her reek her revenge and had Gail hiding out in her apartment. Erica had a visitor at the front door of her new place and Gail hid out in the back. After the visitor left( I don't even remember who it was) Erica made a mad dash around her place calling Gail's name wildly and looking all over for her and guess what??? SHE WAS GONE! There was no back door--it is a penthouse apartment so how did she disappear?? I'm telling you she has super powers. Dr. David better watch his... ummm... back.

Opal has super powers too. She has been able to predict coming events and read tea leaves and tarot cards and be spot on. She is flamboyant and wildly although beautifully dressed. Her biggest super power was only revealed lately in the ads for Martin Scorcese's new movie. She is the scary woman with hardly any hair who is shushing Leo DeCaprio. You may have seen it. If you saw her on my soap you would agree she has super power to change herself to anyone she wants to be! Really, I know it is the actress and not Opal but check it out up at the top of my blog-- it is this side of amazing!!

So, I'm thinking I want a super power and I'm pretty sure I have one. It's the ability to keep watching these soapy wonders for all these years and remain sane! And by sane, I mean I haven't tried drinking a half a bottle of bourbon or slip out the nonexistent back door!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Holy Moguls, Batman!

Wow, oh, wow, did you see those girls who ran the mogul course last night on the Olympic Games????? How does anyone ever get the idea to do that?? All those bumps and then two big jumps off icy slopes? It is just mind boggling to me.

These young women had skill, brains, strength and beauty. Talk about the whole package.

It broke my heart when they fell down but each one got up and finished the course. Now there are role models for sure.

And the USA brought home its first gold medal. I know that is really exciting but I don't get why they post those boards of which country has how many medals. Is it just to make us feel superior? Don't get me wrong I would like to know how many medals the US gets and who got the other ones but not in the same way.

Couldn't they just list the winners and let people make their own calculations if they so desire?

I don't know how Hannah Kearney even won. Talk about pressure. She was the last one and the girl before her from Canada did an amazing run. Personally, I would have cracked. I guess that is why I'm not a champion and Hannah is.

I still don't know how they even do it. Did you see them pumping their legs in that seated position? YOU try that! It's like doing the yoga chair pose but moving yourself along on skis and jumping. OUCH!

I really admire these young women and their strength of body and character...and all I can say is Holy Moguls!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Nodar was from Georgia. He was 21 years old. He was a world class athlete. He died before the games officially began. His family and friends are in mourning as we all should be. Rest in Peace, young man.

Oh, Canada

Watching the opening of the Olympics last night was thrilling. I thought the show was creative and magnificent. I loved the use of the projected images across the stage and the audience. I loved the flying boy. I loved the skiers and snowboarders coming down the mountain side. I loved the parade of athletes. I loved so many things I should have written them down last night but I didn't so I'm doin' my best here.

I really could have done without the singing. All of it. Especially the opera diva who sang the Olympic Hymn. I think it was in English but couldn't really tell. And could that girl have had bigger hair????????? She looked like she stuck her finger in a light socket and then threw glitter on the giant hair. And why did I keep thinking of the alien singer in THE FIFTH ELEMENT??

Oh, I did like KD Lang. I love her voice. That said, what was that song about anyway?? I only caught a few of the words(once again, I think it was English) something about tying you to a chair and cutting your hair. Well, Hallelujah!!!!!!! Which I think was the name of the song. And what was with her bare feet??????? And why did she make me think of Elvis?????

The torch lighting was beautiful in spite of the glitch. I thought Wayne Gretsky look a little pissed off but that might just have been me. I had heard earlier in the day that he wasn't the one so that put DH and I on a guessing game of who would light the torch. We were wrong. Not that we know that many Canadians but I guessed Michael J. Fox and he guessed Dave Thomas. I think he was kidding.

And how about those Native Canadians?? They sure had a lot of stamina--most of them danced through the entire parade of athletes. And speaking of stamina--what about the dancing fiddlers?? They were amazing. Did you check out their shoes with the little fireworks coming out of them?? And why did that make me think of Wiley Coyote?? Those guys who were coming down the mountain were no slouches in the stamina department either. Maybe it's something in the Canadian air!

Oh, Canada, you did yourself proud last night. It was a beautiful show and a tribute to your country.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super and Not So Much

I loved that the New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl. The Colts have had their turn so it was nice that another team could win. The win was exciting and unexpected so it kept us tuned in. I could watch it again as a matter of fact.

The halftime show was not so spectacular. I just don't enjoy watching old men do their hits from eons ago. Roger Daltry had the worst face lift I ever saw and somebody needs to tell Pete Townsend to button his shirt all the way down because nobody in America deserves to see his old man belly hanging out! The light show was ok and as Sheri Sheperd said on Twitter it was "pretty." Faint praise indeed.

The commercials were not that fun either. What is it about men in no pants that somebody thought was entertaining? I don't get it. I had to laugh when there was a ten second Subway ad that just showed a sandwich and their logo. I guess that commercials during the Superbowl was really expensive.

CBS sure shoved their shows down your throat during the game too, didn't they? I really didn't need to see how many viewers watch NCIS nor do I want to join the team of Criminal Minds(especially since Mandy Pantinkin left the show). I don't remember ever seeing so many promotions before. No wonder the ad time was so expensive!

I don't watch much football but I make an exception for the Super Bowl. I choose a team and just go for it. This year, we picked the Saints. Let's face it--they were the sentimental favorites. New Orleans deserved something good to happen to their city. I'm so glad it did.
PS I guess I have to admit to missing the first quarter because I was watching a movie but I just saw the Betty White/Snickers commercial on Youtube. It was hilarious--go and see it if you didn't.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today my eldest is thirty years old. Honey, here is what I remember about that day and what followed.

It was cold. I was scared. It was EARLY in the morning. They tried to induce labor but it didn't work. Imagine, you were stubborn ;)

You were born and I had some problems from the anesthesia so I was went to sleep and didn't properly see you until the next day.

We spent the whole next day together even though they said we shouldn't keep the baby in bed with us. I looked at all your fingers and toes. Didn't even notice your curvy baby finger then. You seemed perfect to me!

We finally got to go home on Feb.8. It was wicked cold and Dad forgot to bring me a coat so I wore his.

When we got home, you slept in the bassinet that used to be your dad's and I ate a hot dog which tasted like heaven after hospital food.

Both your grandma's admired you and helped and went home.

Bet you don't remember any of this but always remember how much you were wanted and loved.

Monday, February 1, 2010

An Ode to Age

In a few days my son will be thirty years old. He thinks he is old. Oh, if he only knew. Oh, if we all only knew on the day we turned thirty what we know on the day we turn sixty.

When you're thirty, you only have aches and pains from working out too hard. When you're sixty, you have aches and pains because you got out of bed.

When you're thirty, you think you've seen it all. When you're sixty, you know you'll never see it all.

When you're thirty, you can stay up until 2 a.m. and party. When you're sixty if you are up at 2 a.m. you have insomnia.

When you're thirty, you have all the time in the world. When you're sixty, time is starting to run out.

When you're thirty, you can start training for a marathon. When you're sixty, you can start training for a marathon but you'll probably kill yourself.

When you're thirty, you can have a few drinks and wake up in the morning refreshed. When you're sixty if you have a few drinks you wake up with heartburn.

When you're thirty, you can flirt with the opposite sex. When you're sixty, you can flirt wit the opposite sex but they get grossed out.

When you are thirty, you can celebrate your birthday. When you are sixty, you just want to skip your birthday.

So enjoy being thirty, son. It's a long way til sixty and the journey is worth it.