Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Farewell to Thee

OMG, I can't believe that One Life to Live is going off the air on Friday.  I watched the show since the first day it was on.  I've talked about them on this very blog....the characters that is.
Vicki(Erika Slezak) and I had our babies at the same time...her real kids not her soap kids.  I cried with them and laughed and got scared even.
Was it ever highbrow?  Not on your life.  It was fun escapism, harmless and engaging.  I couldn't watch during the school year(before VCRs and Tivoing) but I always caught up on my breaks and over the summer.  It wasn't hard to do.
Once I retired, I watched every day....ffing through the commercials.  One Life has always been my favorite of them all.
They tackled social issues and talked about mammograms and DID.  They had paternity test switches and family upheaval.
Oh, I have to reinvent my afternoons now.  I know I'll find something engaging to do but I'll miss all my friends in Llanview, PA.

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