Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You Can Read This One

Ha!  I am really getting driven crazy by the television ads lately...or should I say again.  I have one that I love to hate more than any other.  It is for the Ohio Lottery and there is this OBNOXIOUS woman who says that the Ohio Lottery Show is Aaawesoomme(awesome).  I wish I could record that voice and play it here for you.  If you wanted to drive someone mad, it would be a cinch with that one sentence.  Plus she is all smiles like she's really cool and all proud of herself.
If I met that woman on the street I would have to slap the crap out of her....only in my imagination of course.  If I really met her I would probably be a big suck up because she was on TV and is a "celebrity."  I'd probably tell her she did a great job or I love her commercial or wouldn't be able to speak.  I get really nervous around celebrities. 
My daughter used to work as an actress in a Medieval Faire when she was in college and I could barely speak to the other actors--especially the king or the queen or someone who put on a show by themselves. It must be some kind of self esteem issue.  I'm just glad she never ended up in Hollywood-I would have been struck dumb!
On the other hand, I would love to meet the guy who is in the insurance ads who wreaks havoc wherever he goes.  I love that guy!  Did you see him as the Christmas tree?   He always has on a suit and all those bandages on his head.  It cracks me up.  I loved him from the first--when he was the teenage girl who hit a car in the parking lot.  What a riot.  I'd hope I wouldn't be tongue tied with him.  I feel like I already know him.
I've never done well with strangers.  When my kids were little and we had to enter a room of people we kinda knew or didn't know at all, they always went first and then I only had to say I was their mother.  It worked well for someone who is shy in new situations.
Most people who know me would think I am the opposite of shy.  The key word here is "know".  I am outgoing and friendly for the most part--unless I am unsure of my status and then I become shy.
I'm betting the Ohio Lottery babe is anything but shy.  Maybe I should look her up...as long as I could suppress that slap instinct!

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