Thursday, February 28, 2008

That Bites!

So, I have to go to the dentist today. I really really HATE the dentist. Oh, he is a very nice man and friendly but it doesn't matter to me. I have had a long, bad history with dentists. Our first dentist, Dr. Burns, appeared to be a nice man until you had a cavity. OHMYGOSH! He had weapons of torture. I was so scared of that man ..I still have occasional dreams where I have an appointment with him and sneak around the building to avoid going.
Then I had to have some teeth pulled. I was only about 8 or 9-- I can't exactly remember but I had to have a shot of Novocaine. I slipped from the chair to escape that thing. The needle was a mile long. I ran around the chair and he chased me(I swear this is true). Only with my mom's help did he finally get me and I got that shot.
Anyway then they sent me to the orthodontist. Now back then you had to have your wires tightened and it was this side of torture. I swear that man used to brace his leg on the chair and hoist himself up to get enough torque on the wire. YIKES Oh, and then you got to walk back to school!
Next was Dr. K (I will no longer use names) who sent me to the orthodontist yet again. Luckily things had changed and that wasn't as bad. However, his tech used to go to high school with me and she was a talker. I swear that girl cleaned my teeth for two hours. You'd have thought she was digging for gold in there! You hardly ever saw him. But when you did he wanted to give you laughing gas. I tried that once It made me sick--I wasn't laughing
So then off to Dr M. Nice guy. Did a good job. His tech cleaned my teeth and then did that rubber gadget for the fluoride and it tickled me so bad I was gasping for breath and yelling "Stop! Stop!" She didn't. I stopped going.
Now to my present dentist who without fail when he examines my teeth after the cleaning says, so how's the family when the mirror etc is in my mouth Needless to say he doesn't know how my family is! So I write this after my appointment and two old fillings have to be replaced. How about in April? I ask humbly. The girl says, "Oh, July?" The dentist tells her no, April and I want to scream "Yes, yes, July." Of course you could understand her mistake since April sounds so much like July(?).
I am off the hook for at least a little while. Can't wait til July or April or was it July...........................

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