Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Great Debate

So, what do we know about Hillary and Barak that we didnt know yesterday?? Not much. Hillary watches SNL. Barak has a cool demeanor and knows the definition of denounce and reject.Is it just me or does it seem she is grasping at straws?? She seemed unneccesarily petty to me. Of course,he is inexperienced!! Hello, we all know that. Tell us what you are going to do. Not what is wrong with him. Let me judge that for myself.She doesn't get much respect from the press either. I just don't think she should have brought up that she always has to go first. (Not that she minds) Puh-lease.Believe me, I am no political expert. I am just another voter like most everyone, but why can't they all tell us what they are for not what is wrong with the other guy?I would rather have seen each 0f them questioned by a moderator alone for 45 minutes with the same questions and decide for myself who has the best ideas.So am I just naive or stupid about this?Barak is inspiring. We need inspiration. These Bush years have been a travesty in my opinion. I can't abide the idea of kids at war. I can't abide that young men and women are being torn from their families multiple times. I can't abide "No child left behind" when it leaves every child behind. I can't abide the oil companies being catered to.So I really think we need inspiration. I'm still not sold that Barak can do the job. I'm not sure what he is for. What is his reputation among his peers? Will he be followed easily or does he have to drag other politicians screaming and kicking to his side of issues? I want to know these things.Start talking, Hillary and Barak and stop arguing!


SarahJTower said...

You rock, Sue. What fun this'll be: reading your blog on a daily basis. It's as if we're in person talking. How great!! RIGHT ON about your debate comments. I agree-- I love the idea of having them individually EACH answer the same questions instead of listening to rants and raves about the comments that were given. All I've got to say: "I've got a crush on Obama" (I hope you've seen the "music video" for this song... a must. And, yes--- I sing this around our apartment all the time and deep down, Deke REALLY does like this song. HAHAHAH!!!!).

Brian said...

Check this out:

It's a pretty good back-and-forth about where the candidates stand on a couple things. It's not complete by any stretch, but it's better than what we got in the debate on Tuesday.