Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Brave Step

So I told everyone about the blog today so maybe that means I will write every day. (Oh, sure) Anyway, I will try. There is a lot churning around in the old brain and it has to get out somehow. Putting yourself out there on the web is really a little scary. Not because of identity theft or anything like that but because for every one who will like what you say there will probably be ten who don't!
But what is life if you don't take some risks? I thought when I stopped working that my life was over. The kids were grown and didn't really need me in the same way. No responsibilities except keeping the house all seemed pretty bleak.
Then I worked at Grant School. Just three months of the year but thanks to Nancy's recommendation, I worked there until my license expired. Good by, teaching.
Hello, volunteer work. Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital was a source of vitality and friends.
We were all very different from one another and yet we all brought something to the table.
It was great to work with kids and not have any responsibility except to entertain them and appreciate them. I loved it for a long time. Then circumstances changed and I didn't love it so much.
So I left. But guess what? The experience there taught me that I may want to work again. I even thought about applying for a job there. I came this close and then decided it wasn't the right thing for me at this time.
So what is around the corner? I don't know yet but there is always something. I'm sure of it.


Kell said...

I am so very impressed with your bravery! Very "this generation" to blog! Way to go! Is Meg still in Vegas? Has Brian found a true love yet? We'll catch up when you, me, & Ev get together soon.
Kelly S.

Nancy said...

Glad to see you are following the New Year's Resolution.