Thursday, May 20, 2010

Boozin' the Soaps

OHMYGOSH!!! I hate it when people drink on the soaps. Today a girl with a broken hear downed the better part of a whole bottle of booze, drove to a man's apartment, drank more and she could still carry on a coherent conversation. She should at least have alcohol poisoning and at the worst, she should be dead on the floor! All this booze is to excuse what comes next--sex with the wrong man to ease the heartbreak of losing another. This is another ploy I hate on the soaps.
Also there is a girl who has a brain tumor and about six months to live( now in Soapland this could stretch out over the next two years or be over by next never know how time will travel). She is with her best frenemy and they are drinking wine! WINE!!! Who gives somebody with a terminal disease booze???? Even refined booze, like wine?? And then guess what? The brain tumor girl got a headache and double vision just as she was about to spill her guts about some secret she has. Well, of course, she just drank a giant glass of wine!
I hate it when they do this kind of stuff. Mostly, I love my soaps but sometimes they just go too far!

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