Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brown Eyed Girl

OHMYGOSH! I can't believe that Clevelanders chose Brown Eyed Girl as the number one rock song of all time! The Beatles, who everyone knows were geniuses, weren't even in the top 100. What is wrong with you people??????

First I have to admit to prejudice against the B.E.G. as someone I knew in college thought it was all about her and truthfully, she wasn't my favorite person so every time I hear it I think of her and I would just rather not. Funny thing though I can't even remember her name--brown eyes and all!

Second, I think the radio station just put their playlist out there and people had to vote from it. So not fair considering they play the same songs over and over and over. Personally, I like variety. So why am I listening to the radio, right?

Geez, I don't even have a good answer for that other than I am just a creature of habit. Plus, I only have one cassette left for my cassette player and my CD player is not in working order. Hence, the radio.

I don't even listen to that channel frequently. But I just had to know what they picked as their number one.

Believe me that isn't the only sin on the list. Get a load of this:

At no.19 Build Me Up, Buttercup Beat out It's Been a Hard Day's Night and I Wanna Hold Your Hand(which now that I think of it isn't even on the list)

The Archies" Sugar, Sugar was on the list but nothing by the Police or Sting!!! The Archies weren't even real for crying out loud!!

At no. 28 Still the One beat out the Turtles' Happy Together. My gosh, they named a whole tour after that song!

Dancing in the Moonlight beat the Beatles...for heaven's sake, Paul McCartney and Wings beat out the Beatles at 264!

Don't get me wrong other than B.E.G. I like all these songs. But better than the Beatles?? Come on now.

At least the Rolling Stones got in the top ten-Mick Jagger will be so proud!

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