Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tea For Two

I'm getting ready to serve my Book Club a lovely "low" tea.  Did you know that a high tea really means an entire meal with an entree and everything?  Well, I didn't know until I started looking for recipes that would work for me and my group.
There will be little sandwiches with cucumber or tuna or shrimp salad or cream cheese.  There will be scones with jam and lemon curd with Devonshire cream.  We are serving tiny little cupcakes and shortbread dipped in dark chocolate.
Doesn't that all sound yummy?  Add in some mixed nuts and some Valentine candy and you have the whole menu.  I have 6 different kinds of tea also.
It is the second anniversary of our Book Club so we are pulling out the stops(so to speak)!

The only real problem is the weather.  It is supposed to snow like crazy and some of the women might not feel like driving.  Then it will be a tiny group--possibly even tea for two.  I'm hoping everyone will be brave and show up--otherwise my DH will be taking finger sandwiches to work for lunch!!  Won't he love that?


Anonymous said...

How was the Tea?? I wanna join the bookclub--what are you reading??? Can you believe it will be forty years for John and I on the 20th. Where did the time go???

beth said...

So how did Tea turn out? Were ladies brave?? I WANT to join a book club....what are you reading?

SUE said...

Bean and Beth the tea was wonderful and the weather cooperated so everything went well even though one of the ladies came 45 mins. early and I was still in my pj's!! The book we read was I am Mary Sutter. Now we are reading The Book Thief
Bean-40 years!! Isn't that how old we are??

Anonymous said...

I started the book thief and got bogged down. When do you meet next--if I can come I'd try starting again. The girl who suggested it said it was the best book she's read and she's an English teacher!!!
Ahhh I fear time does pasws quickly. And Brabra on the Grammy's wish I'd have watched it!!!

SUE said...

Our next book club meeting is on Monday March March 21 in Twinsburg. If you can really come, I'll send you details Let me know
Barbra was awful--very sad

Anonymous said...

OK. I'll try to read when I finish my book -- Fragile by Lisa Unger for my group on Feb. 28th. Miss seeing you. Bean