Thursday, September 8, 2011


I haven't blogged in such a long time because I thought I couldn't access it.  Thanks to my dear daughter, I am back. 
I am in the same spot as the "shoemaker's child" as I am a Systems Administrator's wife with no computer of my own.  I have a sub but it doesn't have my favorites so I thought I couldn't get here.  I tried by going to Sue's Views but it just showed me my last post.
I have had so many things to say and now I can't really remember them.  Oh, well.  Here goes.
What's with the commercials where food attacks the person?  One guy gets smacked by a corn dog, one guy catches on fire from breakfast and another guy gets punched in the face by ice cream.  Really?  That's the way we represent food problems now?  I've had enough of fighting food.
How about Lady Gaga dressed up as a guy at the MTV awards?  We really didn't recognize her for a full five minutes.  We came in late on the awards show so we didn't know she was playing her alter ego.  It made me think of when I spent a Halloween as alter ego.  He had a black eye and mouthed off to my principal.  It was kinda fun so I get why she did it .  Better than being carried in in an egg.
And Jennifer Hudson, stop getting so skinny!  You look beautiful but with each new commercial you are thinner and leaner and longer.  I've been on Weight Watchers for a year and I've lost 9 lbs.  And I don't look leaner or thinner or longer---only one year older.
I need some food to smack me in the face!
Oh well, glad to be back and hope to get here much more often.


Anonymous said...

YEA. OMG I've waited a long time for more wise wisdom!! Welcome back. Bean

Anonymous said...

I've missed you too! G

SUE said...

Thanks guys!