Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Siriusly, Folks

I am listening to 60's on 6 on my new Sirius radio.  I am loving it.  It plays a lot of repeats--like how many times can you  listen to Henry(or should I say 'Enery?) the Eighth before you get tired of it?  But the fun thing is it reminds me of my old radio station that played the same songs over and over and everyone loved it.  The great thing about 60's on 6 is that once in a while they throw in a song that I haven't heard for 45 years and I can sing along like I just heard it yesterday.
Just think of all the songs that are stuffed into your brain.  Our songs were short and to the point.  Not many lyrics and an easy melody to learn.  Songs that made me think I could sing!  Now I still like the music of today but there is something about the nostalgia factor.
Some of the songs from back in the day have hardly any lyrics--like Suzy Q--the song my DH thinks is great and I hate.  We have a lively discussion about it every time I change the channel if it comes on.
I really don't like any song I know with my name in it...like A Boy Named Sue or Susan.  I always wanted a cute song to be about me like Windy or Stormy or Barbara Ann, even.
I could go on and on about songs with my name in them but I will spare you that tirade.
All these songs bring back memories of my sis and I, school events and young loves, and terrible dates.
It's wonderful even when they play Suzy Q!!

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