Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good Bye to an Old Friend

The first one of my peers passed away this week.  I cannot express the shock and sadness I feel.  She had a full life, a husband who worshipped her, children and grandchildren but she was still taken too soon.
I remember her as a fun loving, risk taking, optimistic woman who always had a smile on her face.  She was intense and driven.
I haven't seen her in a really long time.  Really long.  But the sadness I feel is genuine for an old friend and a friendship that helped me through some tough times.
Our old group is down by one and I guess I thought that would never happen, well at least not for a long,long time.
So here's to old friends, past and present friends and friends we've yet to meet.
                                                         RIP Carlene.

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Takeshi_Yogohama said...

your old friend is a plant ?