Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscar Night 2012

Where to begin????
Let's start with dresses, ok?  Loved Loved Loved Olivia Spencer's dress.  It was beautiful.  She has championed the beautiful big woman with one awards season.  She has looked stunning every time I've seen her.
Melissa McCarthy should take a page from her friend's book.  That dress had such potential and then she had them put on those gigantic sleeves. Yuk!  I'm thinking she felt shy about having large arms.  Well, hon, you are a large girl and large arms go with the territory.  I think you should just embrace them and show them off.  You would have been gorgeous.
Jennifer Lopez, you are a goddess.  I don't care if you had a "nip slip" or not.  You are the highest standard in plunging necklines and knowing what looks good on you.
Angelina Jolie, no offense but you are too skinny to be a goddess. When you stuck that skinny little twig out there to show it off I almost choked on my champagne.  What in the heck was that?  Feeling a little left out this year?  Did you think the other girls looked better than you? Did you think the collective gasp was of awe and not disgust.  Well, sorry, honey. Keep your legs covered.  You always look lovely when they are covered up.
Meryl Streep, it is crap getting old, isn't it?  You are a great actress and award worthy but that dress was the ugliest thing!  Did you not look in the mirror? You looked like a statue and not a good one.  All that gathering in the middle wouldn't look good on a young woman with a perfect body let alone on a woman your age.  Shame on you.  At least you didn't wear black.
Glenn Close, I'm talking about you.  You are beautiful and have a wonderful body.  The whole tuxedo turned into a dress thing is kind of getting old but it would have worked if it didn't have that enormous outrageous pouf on the back and a train!  What were you thinking?  You could wear anything.  I'm figuring the tuxedo thing was a nod to your movie but Really, you couldn't do better than that?  Your dress had that real "maamsir" thing going on. Shame on you.
Men always look good.  Even that stupid Sasha Baron Cohen dressed like a martinet looked good.  Don't you just hate them?  Brad Pitt said it best...something about you just do the penguin thing and you're ready to go.  Since he was ready so early he should have had a word with the wife about the leg but I digress.
I'm hoping we've seen the last of that dog from The Artist.  I am sick of that thing.
As a Francophile, I should be thrilled about all the French winners but I have to admit I felt sorry for George Clooney(imagine that!) and Viola Davis.  I thought they both should win.
Speaking of Viola Davis, how gorgeous was she?  Yay for no wig.  SHE is beautiful just naturally.  She should never wear a wig again except for a role.  Did you hear me, hon?  No More WIGS!!! Loved the bright green dress too.  I wish Vera Wang would throw some color into her clothes for Kohls.  I thought she only did grey and lilac.
Most of the stars look beautiful now thanks to stylists.  Most of them looked glamourous and beautiful.  Even Miss Piggy had it going on!
So I can't really complain about the Oscars this year.  They are my favorite excuse to drink champagne!

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