Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammys 2012

Let's just say it's not fun getting older.  The Beach Boys are now the Beach Old Farts.  Paul McCartney looked like he was going to stand up and the young wife started to jump up with him to hold him up I'm guessing.  Poor Glenn Campbell has Alzheimer's disease.  Diana Ross isn't a skinny little stick anymore and Cyndi Lauper is a little long in the tooth for her unique style of clothes.
The Beach Boys made me downright sad.  I sure hope some of those kids like Chris Brown don't try to recreate their songs in 50 years.  They'll kill themselves!!
If you need any more evidence that I am right check out the pics below.

Too bad she wasn't waving goodbye.


Megan Gesing said...

This cracked me up, Mom.

Were the Beach Boys really that bad?

SUE said...

Oh it was truly sad to watch