Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I am so so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My DD is coming home....for good.  That's right, no more 5 hour flights or 5 hour drives to lay eyes on her.  She will be right here!
There is something special about our relationship.  We just click.  Oh, we had some problems when she was younger but nothing we couldn't get over and now we are the best of friends.
She loves shopping and so do I.  We will go and buy her some new clothes for the new job she has.  I knew she would get that job. I prayed about it and I just had the sense  it was all going to work out.  You just have to have faith, you know?
Oh, gosh, I know I'm rambling but my  happiness is just overflowing into my typing.  I haven't even made too many mistakes.
What I just want to say is I am so happy she will be here with us. She is my DD.

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