Saturday, March 22, 2014

Paranoia Strikes Deep

So yesterday I went to the grocery store and stocked up for the week.  I pulled into a great space and started walking towards the store.  The man collecting carts says to me, "Lady, you went through a stop sign."  I DID NOT!!  "Lady, you went through a stop sign and didn't even look."  I DID NOT!!! Just note here, I said nothing of the kind.  I was too scared.
As he got closer I wondered if he was going to hit me or yell at me more or citizen arrest me.  He got closer and said,"Lady, you were on your cell phone."  NO, I WASN'T!  Still silent...still thinking I might get punched.
When the guy is right by me he says "Somebody's going to get killed."  Now I am about to wet my pants.  He finishes by saying, "Right?" to me!
OMG He isn't going to kill me or arrest me. He's talking about someone else and he just wants me to agree with him.  I nodded my head and scurried to the door.

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