Monday, March 24, 2014

Chew Vigerously

Shopping for a new car isn't fun.  Not anymore.  It should be fun but the rising prices and the huge payments are draining all the fun out of it.  Nevertheless, sometimes you have to buy a car.  That happened to us so we went out "shopping" for a new to us car.
We really wanted a brand spankin' car but no can do so we had to think previously owned.  In other words, used.
Used car lots brought up visions of sleazy salesmen, cars that had been in accidents, old cars, junk cars and the buyer getting cheated for many, many years.  It seems like that is a thing of the past at least if you go to a reputable dealership.
So long story short, we found a car that we liked and as we discussed the details, the salesman asked if we had a trade and we said yes.  We told him what it was and he said he thought they would give DH a fair price on his old car or he could sell it outright to someone else.  OK, here is where the foot in mouth came in.  Helpful Hannah(that would be me) says, "Oh, I'd never let him sell that car to someone else."  Whoops!  It just fell out of my mouth.  The only saving grace is I didn't call it a pile of crap!

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