Wednesday, May 28, 2014

No Good Deed

I recently read a book about a man who did good things for others just out of the goodness of his heart.  He was well known and loved in his small town where almost everyone knew him or of him.
So, I thought I'd do some good deeds today.  I don't get to see that many people so I kept my eyes peeled for anyone who might need help.
Well, at the grocery store, the clerk was having a bad time getting things in my cooler bag because the lid kept falling on her.  I said I'd help her and she said no, that's ok but it fell again so I held it and she said in a really mean voice I said I could do it. Oh, much for that good deed.
Then I went to the garden center.  I took a long time picking out flowers and just as I got to the register another woman came up too.  The cashier was helping someone else and when he was done, I said to the woman, you can go first.   You look like you just have a question.(because she didn't have any flowers) and she says, NO! YOU were first.  Oh, ok.............
So there you have it.  My good deeds for the day.  They fell flat and luckily I won't see anyone else today except my family.  I do good deeds for them all the time and that will have to do.  I'm done with strangers for today.


tom billard said...

think we have all had those reactions at one timne or another, blessings tom

contactforhelp said...
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