Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dressing Up

Dressing up is not my thing so I admire when the stars do it well. A lot of the gowns were beautiful but these were my favorites. Kate Winslet was my pick for the best. I thought she looked beautiful. It was simple and elegant and let her beauty shine.
Queen Latifah is always one of my favorites. She is such a beautiful girl and the dress she was wearing was so gorgeous. Her lovely lavender dress had just enough glitz and the glitz curved around her body in a most flattering way.
My biggest surprise was Gabourey from Precious. I have only seen her in very casual, college type clothing so it was wonderful to see her so dressed up and looking beautiful. She is a big girl and that dress was very flattering and the most lovely shade of blue. The bling was there but in just the right amount.
Some of the older women made a big splash too. Meryl Streep was gorgeous and age appropriate in her white gown. Helen Mirren also hit the mark in her dress. I loved the glittery but sheer sleeves. She looked lovely.
Sometimes I think the stylists hate the stars and convince them to wear something that is totally ugly or inappropriate but these women had stylists who respected them and their bodies.
I'm all for that.

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