Monday, March 8, 2010

Losing Face(book)

They all said that Facebook was not for my generation but did I listen?? I had friends my age who were on--my sis was on--what could possibly be the harm ? Oh, I should have listened to them because now I lost face on Facebook and it's my own fault.
Really, it's the fault of some stupid app and my own ignorance of apps. It asked you to answer a bunch of real silly questions about your facebook friends and the upshot was you could see what they said about you. Well, you had to answer 50 questions(or so I thought) and there were too boxes under each question which said-don't contact my friend(or something like that) and the other one was Post this as a poll. Well, I didn't want to put a bunch of crap on my friends pages so I clicked no and I sure didn't want to start any polls so I checked not to do that either...or so I thought.
I answered those really dumb 50 questions-skipped the really inappropriate ones-and then I had to answer 50 more and didn't realize you had to check the boxes AGAIN! So I accidentally posted some polls which I never wanted to do or meant to do and they were so stupid I was totally embarrassed. One was about a student at my old school who I didn't even have but I remembered him, ran into him recently and became Facebook friends. His poll was Did you think he was strong?? Lame, right? One poll was about a friend of my daughter--if you thought she was funny. I didn't even know it was posted until she kidded me about it.
I was able to remove some from my page(Thank the Lord for that) but because of the one about my daughter's friend I'm not sure how many got out before I started checking those damn boxes again.
SO my face is red. I accept the responsibility for those dumb posts and if I can do anything to make it better just let me know right here at this blog and I will try to make amends.
Just sign me Faceless on Facebook!

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