Friday, October 28, 2011

One Thing Leads to Another

I've always said that once you do one thing to fix up your house it leads to another.  You know, a fresh coat of paint makes the doorknobs look crummy or once you've put up wallpaper it is screaming for a border.  Well, I never will hang wallpaper again as long as I live but you get the idea.
I discovered recently that house fixing is not the only thing that leads from one thing to another.  Did you ever go on iTunes?  Well, it happens there too.  First you see a song you like or remember then that leads to another one and another one and another one.  Those $1.29s add up!  Fast!  I am learning to be very discerning but it is hard, my friends.  Actually I got one song for only 69 cents!  It was Gerry and the Pacemakers.  Some of you don't even know who that is and apparently not many people do as that is the cheapest song I have!
I remember going to see their movie, Ferry Cross the Mercy, and the movie theater actually stopped the movie until the girls stopped screaming.  It was a really dumb movie as far as I can remember.  They were just copying the Beatles...or the Monkees.
Anyway, see how one thing leads to another?  I always liked the Monkees but when I think of them it brings up memories of my kids when they were little.  They love the Monkees on Nickelodeon and they used to play the music and pretend they were the guys and it was really really cute and funny.
My kids were always creative players.  It might have been them and it might have been some of their playmates.  One of our neighbors used to show up at my door in the summer wearing a little wool hat and mittens and meowing like a kitty.  Pretty creative, no?
Trying to create a creative costume for Halloween is...well, trying.  My DH is going as a lumber jack.  I had the great idea of doing a couples costume and going as a tree.  Well, I racked my brain to think of some way to look like a tree and it was sounding more and more complicated and aren't couples costumes a little trite?  So, I am going as nothing.  I have a Happy Halloween tee shirt and one of those crazy looking little headbands.  Done and done!
So, as I said one thing does lead to another and we have finally led to the end. 
Happy Halloween!!!

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Adult costumes are no fun anymore. Too much work!! But remember our flapper costumes?? And Tarzan and Jane??? I guess if I am forced to go to a party I will visit Wallyworld and buy a white sheet and throw it over my head with two cut out eyes. I'd look better in that than anything else. Teehee. And yes, one thing leads to another. Enjoy the party.