Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sorry, Charlie

There's a man who stands at the corner of 306 and Mentor Ave. who holds a tiny Ron Paul 2012 sign.
Sorry, buddy.  Ron Paul is not going to be the President.  I know you think he will change everything that is wrong, but he won't.  Neither will President Obama.  No one man can fix what ails us and we have to wake up and realize that.
The entire Congress of the United States needs to step up.  They need to get off their overpaid butts and get something done.  What ever happened to compromise?  Like I say I want 20 million and you say no, two million and we haggle and discuss and end up somewhere in the middle?
Now it's so bad that the young people of this country who need jobs are revolting against the establishment.  They have every right to protest and if they can facilitate change, more power to them. However they seem to have no leaders.  They need their own George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and John Adams and their comrades to lead the fight.
You can't have a successful revolution without charismatic leaders.  Personally, I thought Obama was it. I was wrong.  Does that mean I'm going to vote for Ron Paul or Mitt Romney?  Not on your life. If Mr. Obama is smart (and I'm sure he is) he will step up and be the leader and invite other strong advocates of  "Main Street" rights to join him.  Wouldn't that be thrilling?  If a President could really make some changes without the interference and the lassitude of his fellow leaders?
Too bad we can't recall all the Senators and Congressmen.  They could come home and teach school or be a firefighter and try to make ends meet and fight for their right to negotiate their contracts.  They wouldn't last a day!

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