Monday, October 3, 2011

Deer Me!

Not unlike many people in our part of Ohio, we have deer--alot of deer.  They are in the wooded area behind our house and they desperately look for food anywhere they can get it, i.e. my backyard.  At first it was exciting to see deer going past the house way back there in the woods but lately it is getting out of hand.
The first sign was when my neighbor told me that he saw a deer with it's front hooves on our tree/bush by the side of the house so it could pull down the branches and eat the leaves.  Then a friend told me she saw some deer coming out of our backyard and out toward our street on New Year's Eve like they had been at a party at our house!!
Pretty soon, the little fawns came too close to the house and ate things on people's patios.  The moms put a stop to that but not for long because now they all come and eat our flowers and our ground cover in the woods and our bushes and anything they can lay their lips on.
Our wooded back yard is bare as a bone--all the pretty and natural ground cover has been eliminated.
I haven't had a flower bloom in two summers.
So get deer repellent you say?  Now, why didn't I think of that.....wait, I did.  I got these little bags that a friend used in her garden and swore by.  Our deer ate them too.  Must have been cannibal deer....or vampire deer.
I tried the spray too and it would kinda work for a couple days and then it was useless and I would forget to get out there all the time.
Oh, I don't blame the deer.  They are losing their natural habitat and are desperate for food.  I get it.  I just stopped buying any plant that isn't an evergreen.  They don't seem to like those...........yet.
The deer are getting bolder too. I went back in the backyard to get a couple of chairs and there were two deer laying in my backyard like they owned the place.  You should have seen the look the older one gave me.
Then one early evening I got home from the gym and nearly jumped out of my skin.  There was a deer right by my garage.  You know how they can stand so still so at first I didn't even notice it.  But then it made a small movement and I screamed.  Oh, yes, screamed.  The damn thing didn't even flinch until I got the garage door going and the noise finally scared it away. It was so close to the house you would have thought it was our pet!
So I always tell DH(and anyone else who will listen, frankly) that I'm waiting for the day a deer knocks on my door and says,"Hey, lady.  What you got in there to eat?"

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