Thursday, April 5, 2012


There is a new show on television about a man who was in a car accident with his family and afterwards he wakes up one day with his son and the next day with his wife.(I almost wrote daughter she sure looks young enough).
He is not sure which reality is the real one.  I can tell him what is wrong.
He is in the wrong universe.  He is evil Lucius Malvoy and he should go back to Hogwarts and his real son, Draco.  I probably drive my DH crazy during the show because I always call the guy Lucius and I say"Oh, Lucius Malvoy" a lot in a pitying voice.
Anyway, wake up and go home already.
Speaking of going home, I have noticed that my new car is the most popular color and style in my neighborhood.  It is an alien green Kia Soul and there are many of them in these here parts so I have made up some new terms to deal with it.
Parking one space over with a car between--Soul Sandwich.
I'm going north and my twin is going South on the same road--I'm coming and going.
If I just see another green Soul beside me--double vision.
Another Soul in front of me on the same street--getting ahead of myself.
I'm sure I'll think of more as the time passes and I will add the terms to my list but for now that's it.
Oh, and if I see Lucius Malvoy in a green Soul, I will direct him to Hogwarts.


Abby said...

When I see my car next to mine I say I'm beside myself. :)

SUE said...

Love it!!! I'll have to remember that one!