Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy

There's a lot to be said for endorphins.  You can pump them into your system by exercise, did you know that?  A great shopping trip doesn't hurt either.
I combined both this morning and ended up with two great shirts and a couple thousand steps under my belt.
It is not, I'm telling you, easy to buy clothes when you are in your sixties.  First of all, gravity is not your friend.  A lifetime of poor eating habits and a tummy that holds on to every calorie it can get its hands on don't help either.
So when you lose some weight and your body seems a little smoother, well, shopping goes smoother too.   I tried on a lot of stuff that I had to say no way to but the two things I bought are wonderful....and I look nice.....and not too much like an old lady.
I do have a word for those designers out there.  We are here and we have money to spend....we do not want to look like our daughters or granddaughters, and we sure as the devil don't want to look like our mothers, so get a clue and design some easy, casual wear for us.  I know you're out there--the guy or gal with the right ideas, so get going already!  No skinny, brightly colored jeans for us and no polyester pants with matching tops or jogging suits.  We'll save those for the nursing home.  We still care about fashion but we don't want to look stupid trying to be fashionable. OK?  Got the picture now?  Hurry it up.
I'd like to go in a store and try on five things and buy them all!  If you are in my age group, I bet you would too.
For now, I have to be happy with what I can get and believe me I am full of joy today!

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