Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let the Race Begin!

The days to Christmas will go by alarmingly fast now. It is already the 9th and I am not quite sure where the first 8 days of December went. I am making a plan so I don't get too goofed up and have to hurry hurry hurry just before the holiday.
This week, must must finish Christmas cards. So far I have sent three. Yes, you heard me. Three. I know I have to get going on them and I do have all the time in the world but where does it go?? I also have to drop off donations of food and the gifts for the Giving Tree at church.
Next week, I must bake. I have four kinds of cookies, cupcakes, candy and cinnamon bread to make. That will take up most of the week leaving a little time for work and fun with my sister. I must thoroughly clean the house so next week a lick and a promise is all the house will need.
Christmas week, I must wrap gifts and organize them by family under the tree. I use the term "wrap" loosely as mostly I just throw the gifts in those pretty bags and stuff in the tissue. But it still takes time. I have to remember to go to the airport and pick up my daughter on the right day. I have to get the food for the Christmas Eve Smorgasbord and the Christmas day dinner. I have to refill the candy dishes and make sure I have plenty of plastic wrap and foil for leftovers.
I have to do a last minute scan of the gifts under the tree and make sure there are enough.
In the evenings, we have to go and work out. We decided on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule for now but it is subject to a little tweaking.
We still have to hang out our outdoor lights. We still need to pick out one gift together. It's a secret gift so I can't say what it is. Then we have to shovel the walks if needed and make sure all the lights outside work.
I have to pay bills, and all the other stuff that doesn't go away during the holidays like laundry and dishes and more laundry!! I will try to be merry through it all. It's the least I can do. After all, look at the gift we've been given!

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