Saturday, December 20, 2008

Candy Cane Lane

There is a particular aisle in our local Target that my sister and I can't seem to resist. It is the candy aisle. For the most part of the year, we can walk down it and discuss the contents, perhaps buy some good for you dark chocolate and continue on our merry way.

During this holiday season. our resistance is much lower. I have purchased more candy than I have ever had for Christmas. I have not only M&Ms but mint M&Ms, and peppermint M&Ms. I have the second bag of Hershey mint mix mini bars. We already ate the first one and it isn't even Christmas week.

This year I got hooked on Lindt truffles. They are so yummy. I love the milk chocolate filled with vanilla cream and the dark chocolate peppermint ones. I bought peanut butter ones too.
And not to forget the , Girardelli minis. I think I have peppermint bark ones.

I also bought little chocolate angels, gum, three Hershey kiss flavors, maple candy, and Pez.
I even bought Holiday boxes of Good and Plenty.

So on January 2nd, the day I get back on the scale, I may be a little fatter than I was but my whole family will be there with me!! We will start the New Year off right--on a diet!!

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