Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas is coming...

And I can't stop it so I have dealt with the problem in my new pass through! We decided to have the electric fixed after the holidays and then paint in January so I sanded it all down and on the kitchen side I painted a holly and evergreen design to camouflage the messy wall.
It looks great!!!!! I am so proud of myself for thinking of a clever way to deal with the whole big fat mess!! When it is time to paint a coat of KILZ will get rid of it and not let it bleed through to the new color we choose!!
Well, that got me going and I did all my decorating except for the tree which I would have done if I could have wrangled the box in from the garage. Some things are just beyond me.
The house looks cozy and warm and Christmasy. It smells good and it is all glowy from the (fake) candlelight.
You should have seen me I was a Christmas whirling dervish. I slapped that paint up there with abandon. I think that is why it looks pretty good--I just went for it. Then I started bringing things down a few at a time from my storage upstairs and before you knew it, I had Christmas!!!
I LOVE Christmas. It is the best time of the year--presents and loved ones and cookies and carols at church....all the makings of great times. My whole family will be together for five whole days. We'll eat too much and drink too much coffee on Christmas day while we open presents.
I'll make a big Christmas dinner and we will have a wine toast with Santa Claus wine.
Christmas Eve, we will eat too much and have too many presents but it will be a blast. The smorgasbord will be groaning and we all will say we are only going to eat a little but we will be lying(not on purpose--smorgasbords kinda sneak up on you)!
All the in laws will be over on the Saturday after Christmas and again we will eat too much, have a lot of presents, and the house will be full of people. We will even have a little baby with us this year!!! We haven't had one of those for a long time!! I will spend too much time in the kitchen, but I don't really mind that much. All the sisters-in-law and the aunts are pitching in so it won't be too bad.
I can't wait for people to open the gifts I got them. I hope everyone will love them! I have so much fun picking out just the right things. It is really heartwarming when the recipient thinks it is just the right thing too.
Oh, and Santa will be our hearts. Even though my kids are grown we all still Santa believers. Our stockings will be hung by the chimney--oh, wait, we don't have a chimney--oh well, they'll be hung somewhere and we will all open them first thing!! I CAN'T WAIT!!

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