Monday, February 8, 2010

Super and Not So Much

I loved that the New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl. The Colts have had their turn so it was nice that another team could win. The win was exciting and unexpected so it kept us tuned in. I could watch it again as a matter of fact.

The halftime show was not so spectacular. I just don't enjoy watching old men do their hits from eons ago. Roger Daltry had the worst face lift I ever saw and somebody needs to tell Pete Townsend to button his shirt all the way down because nobody in America deserves to see his old man belly hanging out! The light show was ok and as Sheri Sheperd said on Twitter it was "pretty." Faint praise indeed.

The commercials were not that fun either. What is it about men in no pants that somebody thought was entertaining? I don't get it. I had to laugh when there was a ten second Subway ad that just showed a sandwich and their logo. I guess that commercials during the Superbowl was really expensive.

CBS sure shoved their shows down your throat during the game too, didn't they? I really didn't need to see how many viewers watch NCIS nor do I want to join the team of Criminal Minds(especially since Mandy Pantinkin left the show). I don't remember ever seeing so many promotions before. No wonder the ad time was so expensive!

I don't watch much football but I make an exception for the Super Bowl. I choose a team and just go for it. This year, we picked the Saints. Let's face it--they were the sentimental favorites. New Orleans deserved something good to happen to their city. I'm so glad it did.
PS I guess I have to admit to missing the first quarter because I was watching a movie but I just saw the Betty White/Snickers commercial on Youtube. It was hilarious--go and see it if you didn't.

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