Sunday, February 14, 2010

Holy Moguls, Batman!

Wow, oh, wow, did you see those girls who ran the mogul course last night on the Olympic Games????? How does anyone ever get the idea to do that?? All those bumps and then two big jumps off icy slopes? It is just mind boggling to me.

These young women had skill, brains, strength and beauty. Talk about the whole package.

It broke my heart when they fell down but each one got up and finished the course. Now there are role models for sure.

And the USA brought home its first gold medal. I know that is really exciting but I don't get why they post those boards of which country has how many medals. Is it just to make us feel superior? Don't get me wrong I would like to know how many medals the US gets and who got the other ones but not in the same way.

Couldn't they just list the winners and let people make their own calculations if they so desire?

I don't know how Hannah Kearney even won. Talk about pressure. She was the last one and the girl before her from Canada did an amazing run. Personally, I would have cracked. I guess that is why I'm not a champion and Hannah is.

I still don't know how they even do it. Did you see them pumping their legs in that seated position? YOU try that! It's like doing the yoga chair pose but moving yourself along on skis and jumping. OUCH!

I really admire these young women and their strength of body and character...and all I can say is Holy Moguls!!!

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