Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today my eldest is thirty years old. Honey, here is what I remember about that day and what followed.

It was cold. I was scared. It was EARLY in the morning. They tried to induce labor but it didn't work. Imagine, you were stubborn ;)

You were born and I had some problems from the anesthesia so I was went to sleep and didn't properly see you until the next day.

We spent the whole next day together even though they said we shouldn't keep the baby in bed with us. I looked at all your fingers and toes. Didn't even notice your curvy baby finger then. You seemed perfect to me!

We finally got to go home on Feb.8. It was wicked cold and Dad forgot to bring me a coat so I wore his.

When we got home, you slept in the bassinet that used to be your dad's and I ate a hot dog which tasted like heaven after hospital food.

Both your grandma's admired you and helped and went home.

Bet you don't remember any of this but always remember how much you were wanted and loved.

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