Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh, Canada

Watching the opening of the Olympics last night was thrilling. I thought the show was creative and magnificent. I loved the use of the projected images across the stage and the audience. I loved the flying boy. I loved the skiers and snowboarders coming down the mountain side. I loved the parade of athletes. I loved so many things I should have written them down last night but I didn't so I'm doin' my best here.

I really could have done without the singing. All of it. Especially the opera diva who sang the Olympic Hymn. I think it was in English but couldn't really tell. And could that girl have had bigger hair????????? She looked like she stuck her finger in a light socket and then threw glitter on the giant hair. And why did I keep thinking of the alien singer in THE FIFTH ELEMENT??

Oh, I did like KD Lang. I love her voice. That said, what was that song about anyway?? I only caught a few of the words(once again, I think it was English) something about tying you to a chair and cutting your hair. Well, Hallelujah!!!!!!! Which I think was the name of the song. And what was with her bare feet??????? And why did she make me think of Elvis?????

The torch lighting was beautiful in spite of the glitch. I thought Wayne Gretsky look a little pissed off but that might just have been me. I had heard earlier in the day that he wasn't the one so that put DH and I on a guessing game of who would light the torch. We were wrong. Not that we know that many Canadians but I guessed Michael J. Fox and he guessed Dave Thomas. I think he was kidding.

And how about those Native Canadians?? They sure had a lot of stamina--most of them danced through the entire parade of athletes. And speaking of stamina--what about the dancing fiddlers?? They were amazing. Did you check out their shoes with the little fireworks coming out of them?? And why did that make me think of Wiley Coyote?? Those guys who were coming down the mountain were no slouches in the stamina department either. Maybe it's something in the Canadian air!

Oh, Canada, you did yourself proud last night. It was a beautiful show and a tribute to your country.

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