Saturday, February 27, 2010

Super Soap Powers

Recently I've been noticing that a lot of my soap characters have super powers. No, really.

Besides coming back from the dead(which happens more frequently than you would think) and having children one was unaware of (yup, even women) I have noticed things in day to day living which are just super powers.

Let me bring up the case of Ryan and Jake. Thursday, they ordered up a bottle of bourbon and polished off the entire thing and were still able to carry on a reasonable and coherent conversation. If I drank half a bottle of bourbon, I don't think I'd be able to say anything, I'd be passed out cold! Then on Friday,(the same day for them and the same conversation) they approached the bar and ordered more drinks....and the bartender gave drinks to them!! Didn't she see them polish of the entire bottle? Plus then they left and drove to wherever they were going next!! YIKES, that is a super power!

Then there is Nurse Gail. She has been skulking around in the background crushing on Dr. David who of course wants nothing to do with her and so she is out for revenge. Erica Kane is helping her reek her revenge and had Gail hiding out in her apartment. Erica had a visitor at the front door of her new place and Gail hid out in the back. After the visitor left( I don't even remember who it was) Erica made a mad dash around her place calling Gail's name wildly and looking all over for her and guess what??? SHE WAS GONE! There was no back door--it is a penthouse apartment so how did she disappear?? I'm telling you she has super powers. Dr. David better watch his... ummm... back.

Opal has super powers too. She has been able to predict coming events and read tea leaves and tarot cards and be spot on. She is flamboyant and wildly although beautifully dressed. Her biggest super power was only revealed lately in the ads for Martin Scorcese's new movie. She is the scary woman with hardly any hair who is shushing Leo DeCaprio. You may have seen it. If you saw her on my soap you would agree she has super power to change herself to anyone she wants to be! Really, I know it is the actress and not Opal but check it out up at the top of my blog-- it is this side of amazing!!

So, I'm thinking I want a super power and I'm pretty sure I have one. It's the ability to keep watching these soapy wonders for all these years and remain sane! And by sane, I mean I haven't tried drinking a half a bottle of bourbon or slip out the nonexistent back door!

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