Monday, November 8, 2010

Cheese Souffle

Cheese souffle was my favorite meal growing up.  It is a mix of cheddar cheese sauce and whipped up egg whites.  I hadn't made one in years but I was determined to make it for my birthday on Saturday.  You can't really buy it anywhere and I don't know of a restaurant around here that has it.
It isn't easy but it isn't hard either.  Just messy and time consuming.
I got the great idea to make the cheese sauce ahead of time and that turned out to be a great idea.  I needed eight egg whites but I lost count so I might have used ten.  It seemed a little airier than usual.
My biggest problem came because I wanted to increase the recipe by a third.  OMG, I could hardly remember the math to convert it.  I had paper and pencil and I think I even tried to pull my hair out at one point.  I finally remembered how to convert 1/3 of something measured in fourths.  I had to rack my brain though.
It was yummy!  It took longer to cook than I thought and it got a little overdone on top but it was still yummy.
A lot of people thought I was nuts to make my own birthday dinner but not me.  I wanted to do it.  I wanted my sis to remember having it as a kid and my kids to eat something that I loved as a child.  DH and my bro in law are good sports and will try anything once!
We took a picture of it when it was done but I haven't downloaded it into the computer yet so I will try to find a pic of one to share on the Internet.  Be right back!

That's close enough.   Mmmmm, cheesey! Try making something from your childhood for your birthday dinner.  It makes you feel all warm inside.

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