Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time is Relative

This past week went by in a flurry of activity.  Monday I had lunch with friends, Tuesday my annual mammogram, Wednesday book club, Thursday Dr. appointment and Friday lunch and shopping with sis.
I could hardly remember my schedule!  I had to write down reminders for the appts.
This coming week is going to be pretty quiet.  Going out with sis on Thursday and going to my niece's school on Friday for Grandfriends day.
But as I wonder how fast the week went, I have to say WHAT HAPPENED TO OCTOBER?????
It was here and gone in a flash.  Time is supposed to be a constant but it seems to me that someone cranked it up during the last month.  Time seems to ebb and flow rather than tick on as the clocks in my house would have you believe.  Speaking of those clocks, no two of them say the same time.  They are always close but not the same.  I try to sync them but someone has to be resetting them when I'm not here...probably Old Father Time. He doesn't seem to have very much to do these days as you hardly ever hear about him.
November is flashing by too.  In less than a couple of weeks it will be Thanksgiving and then the slippery slope to Christmas.  There is more than a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, isn't there???  Sometimes it doesn't seem like it.
As screwed up as I am  about time, the stores around here are worse.  They have their Christmas decorations up.  Some had them before Halloween. Maybe they are giving people time to know, a little at a time. I know times are tough but ramping up the timeline isn't going to fix that.
One radio station is even playing All Christmas music ALL the time already.  It started Monday!  What are they, nuts?  If you listened to that all the time, you'd go stark raving mad before you could even unwrap your presents!
Remember when you were a kid how it seemed like Christmas would never get here?  Or the summer stretched out in sultry, sunny days forever?  What happened to that feeling?  I don't think modern kids even get that feeling anymore.
They say time is on your side.  Well, I hope it's true because it seems like time is "slipping into the future"!

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