Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well, Duh!

As you know I am an avid watcher of ABC daytime soaps.  I have watched them since I was a teen and we have a real love/hate relationship in sometimes I love them and sometimes I hate them.
Recently, they just make me laugh.  This one girl was trotting around undercover in these 6" heels and she had to hurry to get away so she climbed out on the hotel balcony and jumped.  It was on the first floor so no big deal, right?  Yoohoo, Greenlee, You are wearing spike heels.  Guess what?  She fell.  Guess what, sprained her ankle.  Really?  She couldn't have figured that out and taken off the damn shoes??
Michael Nouri is on board at AMC and he is laughable too.  He is a giant of a guy and they are trying to pair him up with Erica Kane who is about as big as a second.  I saw her on Rachel Ray once and she made that little girl look like a giant so you can imagine the coupling of Erica and Caleb(ie Michael Nouri)  SO he doesn't have to do anything to look silly-I just laugh at the sight of them together..every day...every time they are together.
On One Life to Live, the twin girls are having babies and neither of them knows for sure who the father is. The one twin might be expecting the baby of her sister's fiance.  So anyway, this other character, Marty, finds out that the one twin is lying about the paternity of her kid so since she was pregnant by possible father #2 and lost that baby, she is now out to get Natalie.  Well, no duh.  Oh yes, and her son just got carted off to prison for ten years.  Now why she should be bitter is beyond me!!!(just kidding)
We also got a new resident bad guy....the dad from Dawson's Creek.....I know, I laughed out loud too.  Wasn't Dawson's dad like perfect?  Well, now he's perfectly bad.  He is so funny.  He is like a roller coaster ride, up and down, jovial and full of violence and you never know what you're going to get.  Or he could be all those things in the space of a minute.  I laugh every time he is on screen.
So I bet you're thinking I am having a whale of a time watching right now.  You'd be right about that.

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