Friday, January 14, 2011

Lost Identity

I have been a Scorpio all my life........until yesterday!
What do they mean there's another zodiac sign?   I have all the personality traits of a Scorpio  and now they claim I am a Libra.  Say what?   I have to trade in my fiery personality for one that is even-keeled?
Well, ok.
I like the thought that things will be more even and I will keep the peace rather than stir up the pot.  I can be gentler and less opinionated.  Sounds like a plan especially since I am older now.
Sexiness was one of the traits of Scorpio and believe you me, I am way beyond sexy these days.  Oh, not to the max but to the minimum.  Especially this week when I have been sick and probably blew my nose about a gazillion times in the last five days.  Not to mention, the coughing and the whining.  Not very sexy, believe you me.
 This is what  I found out about Libras
  • Desires popularity  check
  • Loves art yes
  • Neat mostly
  • Dresses up for the occasion only when forced
  • Slight perfectionist not really
  • Narcissistic of course aren't we all at least a little?
  • Charitable Yes
  • Bossy at times Oh, yes indeedy
  • Plans ahead I try
  • Attention to detail I try
  • Loves public service Well, I was a teacher for 34 years.  I think that counts.
  • Well, I guess I am a Libra and all this time I thought I was a Scorpio.
  • So ....What's your sign?


Anonymous said...

I am a libra---and I want to stay a libra. were we ever that alike?? Think not. So they better get the astrological stuff straightened out soon!!! My libra buddy is now a virgo. Bean

SUE said...

I know it's nuts isn't it?? We weren't very much alike but I may have changed a little in my old age:)

Crystal Celebrity said...

I know its crazy! I love being a Cancer, we are all biased to our signs and do not want to swap!!!
Nice blog ;o)
Crystal xx

SUE said...

Thanks Crystal I guess I will cling to my Scorpio roots and try and embrace the Libra thing