Wednesday, January 19, 2011

That Sinking Feeling

I am getting a new sink today for my kitchen.  I bet you are thinking you must be excited but you'd be wrong.  Instead I'm just worried that something else will go wrong.
Something else, you ask?
Yes, it took us forever to order the sink and faucet and the detailing(that means they come out and assess the job in case you didn't know).  The guy who was setting it all up seemed to be not as smart as a fourth grader if you get my drift.
Then the detailer never called so I called the store and they apologized and had him call the next day.  He came and checked it out, said it could be done and the store would call me.
Well, they didn't.  So I called them and the guy just said to come in and pay and we'd be fine.  That seemed a little iffy to me and when I talked to the installer he said he needed paper work, some hook up lines and silicone and they would charge me at the store.
So last night, my husband went to pay after I spent a half hour on the phone with the store figuring things out because we already paid for the sink and faucet--just needed to pay for the install.  So they charged us twice.  Really.  Twice.  They credited the first charge and made a new transaction.
SO last night I checked out to make sure I had enough money in the account in case the credit didn't go through first which of course it didn't.  I just knew it!!
SO today the installer called me and told me that he is on his way to the store and then he'd be over.  That was an hour ago.  Unless he lives really far from the store, I'm starting to get  nervous.  I'm sweating.  It's 20 degrees outside and I'm sweating.
If my beautiful sink doesn't get in today I am going to be one angry blogger.  I may even reveal the name of the store so they better get on the ball.
I'll let you know what happens.

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