Monday, January 17, 2011

Seeing Red

The Red Carpet that is!  I always get the biggest kick out of the glam gowns and I love to let my inner designing diva escape for just a little while and pick my best and worst.  Here they are:
I loved the way Claire Danes looked.  Her dress was a beautiful color and she looked like a million bucks in the most understated way.
Olivia Wilde looked beautiful too.  I love her gown and the simplicity of her hair.  I didn't know who she was until yesterday.  Sorry, I don't watch House.

I thought Emma Stone looked beautiful.  She looked a lot like Claire Danes.  Maybe they're sisters and don't know it!  I still don't know what she was in but this isn't a movie critique after all!

I thought JLo looked wonderful.  This picture doesn't do the dress justice.  She is just such a pretty woman and apparently Alec Baldwin thought so too.  Doesn't he still think he looks like he did in the eighties??  I think he was majorly flirting with she would go for him.

Some people loved this dress--mostly men.  I thought she looked like an overdressed hula girl...or an underdressed lamp shade.  Hate the fringe!  At least it seemed like she was sober this year.

I'd love to meet the stylist who talked Julianne Moore into this piece of crap.  It is awful in every way.

I saved the best til last.  Oh, I just love her.  She is so out there and she looks so ridiculous and doesn't her pose just say "go ahead and criticize me, I don't care"?  Of course she looks crazy..she married Tim Burton after all, what do you expect?
That wraps up my best and worst for this year's Golden Globes.  Oh and Foreign Press?  Dump that Ricky Gervais.  He is one mean spirited man and needs to be gone.

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