Monday, January 24, 2011

Reason Number 5,000 to Hate the Dentist

I am a strong and healthy woman.  I work out.  I eat well.  I got some upper respiratory thing a few weeks back and was laid out but good but I have gotten better, went back to working out and felt my strength returning.  I even made a comment to that effect on Friday.
So today I headed to the dentist for my 6 month check-up and ended up waiting in the outer office for just a little while.  The lady sitting across from me sneezed twice and I said,"Bless you."
End of story, right?
An hour later, I felt a tickle in my nose and started sneezing uncontrollably.  My daughter said she thought I wasn't feeling well.  I have been sneezing and my nose is running and I've gone through a half a box of tissues.  I AM SICK!        AGAIN!!  NO FAIR!!!  Take Back your cold, Lady!!!!!!  I don't want it.

So today, I'm calling off from working out, I'm in bed and under the covers.  I'm hoping this is just an allergy attack.  It will be gone tomorrow, right?  It better be or I'm tracking down the lady in the dentist's office.

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