Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Thoughts

Well, Christmas is on its way so I was scouring Pinterest for some new ideas when I came across this pin, "How to Have a Family Friendly Christmas."  WHAT???  Christmas is for families. It's about love and sharing, the things you want your kids to learn.  The things you hope all the adults in your family have learned.  But in my mind, I wondered what a family unfriendly Christmas was--Rated R?????  That is just so mind blowing.  I couldn't even look at the pin.
I am listening to the all Christmas music station on my car radio.  I am so sick of What are you Doing New Year's Eve and The Christmas Song, I could scream.  With all the songs about Christmas couldn't they choose a few others?  Those two songs are always sung by different artists but still..................
I walked this morning and in one yard I saw a fake pig dressed as Santa.  Santa Pig.  I kinda like it.  I know that in some countries, a pig at Christmas is good luck.  However, I wouldn't want a pig delivering my presents.
Yesterday, I went shopping with my BFF and she had a Christmas CD going and I thought it was two women.  Altos and one of them was a smoker.  Guess who it was?
Michael Buble and Rod Stewart.  I thought it was hilarious.  BFF, not so much.  Oh well.
Christmas is rapidly approaching and personally, I can't wait.  Santa Pig might bring me the CD of the Two Altos!

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