Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Random Thoughts Once Again

Did you ever go to an event or a movie or a play and everyone with you loved it and you hated it?  That happened to me yesterday and it was totally uncomfortable.  I mean I don't like going against the norm but I won't say I liked something that I don't.  And to boot, I had to get a white elephant gift.
I had a lot of driving to do yesterday and I was behind a young man at a red light and he started combing his hair with so much gusto I thought his hair would all fall out!  When he was done, he started dancing.  No kidding.  His arms were going and his head was bobbing. It was pretty funny.
Physical therapy is not fun.  Did you know they have an "elliptical" for arms?  I have a shoulder injury and that's one of the things I had to do yesterday.  Two minutes forward, two minutes backwards.  Sounded like nothing.  Let's just say it wasn't nothing.
Don't eat lunch at 4pm. It's just too too late.  You are starving and then you don't want any dinner so you wake up starving again.
I guess that's everything.  Have a great day and eat lunch at the appropriate time, will you?

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